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  • Welcome to the official Desteria Rules & Regulations wiki! When accessing any of our services, you are expected to abide by the following rules and conditions. Failure to comply may lead to a partial or complete restriction to the aforementioned services. With your cooperation, we can ensure that the network is a safe and healthy environment for all players.

    • The rules stated on our wiki are not, in any way, an exhaustive list of offences that are punishable.
    • Any changes may be made to these rules without prior notice.
    • Players are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules upon utilizing any of our services.
      • “I didn't know that was against the rules” will not be accepted as an appeal or excuse in any case. As soon as you join our network (any of it's platforms) and begin using them, we will treat you as if you had read the rules and agreed to them.
    • Warnings are a precaution against clueless new players and do NOT have to be given out against players who clearly know what they're doing. This said, it is within a Staff Member's rights to give warnings for tier one infractions as they see fit.
    • Joking about or pretending to break any rule may result in the same punishment as if the player were actually breaking the rule. It is not our job to determine whether or not you are joking or simply messing around with a friend.
    • If you make a statement about another user, we will assume it is true. If you release information, we will assume it is accurate. If you insult someone, whether or not they truly share the characteristic you insulted, we will assume they do for the purposes of punishing you.
    • Hindering staff's ability to moderate chat purposely is a punishable offense.

    Update Log
    • [May 31st, 2018] Original rules thread published.
    • [June 18th, 2018] Cleared up that allies claims count towards your 7x7 raid claims if adjacent to claims of your own. Yours, plus that of your friendly factions, cannot exceed a 7x7 area.
    • [June 18th, 2018] Updated Forums and Discord Rules section to match the In-Game parameters, along with an overhaul of the distributed points that attach to our warning system.
    • [June 30th, 2018] Added a rule against insiding and betraying factions back to the Tier 3 section.
    • [July 5th, 2018] Clarified that users whom return the goods they stole after insiding a faction will not be banned if the victim faction is satisfied.
    • [July 21st, 2018] Clarified the personal information release section of the T3 rule to explain that our intention isn't to ban users for joking, but rather to enforce a strict rule against users genuine intents to releases others' information. It was clarified that if necessary, Management will take individual cases and resolve them as is seen most appropriate.
    • [July 30th, 2018] Updated "Personal Attacks // Slurs // Offensive Behaviour" section specifically referencing the word "***" and it's restricted usage.
    • [August 2nd, 2018] Clarified that plugin misuse will result in a 24h, not a 7d tempban, if the behavior continues after a kick.
    • [August 9th, 2018] Elaborated on an older announcement post that explains regen walls are not legal on Desteria by officially adding a statement about them to the "Illegal Defenses" section of the "Gameplay Rules and Regulations" page.
    • [October 3rd, 2018] Added a disclaimer regarding players purposely trying to hinder staff's ability to moderate chat.
    • [October 15th, 2018] Added clarification that Discord Links to other servers are also punishable under the 'Advertisements' rule.
    • [October 29th, 2018] Altered and clarified the 'Sensitive Information Release' Tier 1 rule.
    • [January 16th, 2019] Updated the Tier 2 offenses to include using Printer as a bannable offense.
    • January 16th, 2019] Added a third section to the "F-Top Contest" section of the Gameplay Rules and Regulations clarifying how Factions will now win F-Top Coupons across multiple realms.
    • [January 16th, 2019] Added a clarification to how we're going to hand out top voting rewards from this point forward.
    • [February 10th, 2019] Updated the "Can I use the word '***'?" clause to include the term '******/******ed' as well.
    • [February 16th, 2019] Updated the cannon box limit from 7x7 to 10x10. Also added a cannon box buffer zone to keep factions from combining their cannon boxes into a giant cannon zone.
    • [March 30th, 2019]Updated the following rules:
      • Addendum for "No Spamming" covering the punishment of enticers.
      • Addendum for "Be Respectful" covering the punishment of enticers.
      • Rework of "Sensitive Information" that goes more in-depth about social media releases.
      • Addendum to "Illegal Teleport Trapping" to further explain what isn't allowed.
      • Added an explanation for the new Faction Strike System we'll be using under "Gameplay Rules and Regulations".
      • Addendum to "20 chunk buffer limit" section clarifying how multiple bases either from the same faction or other factions should set up their claims
      • Addendum to "Raid Claims" section regarding claiming your cannon box and how outside claims interact with it.
      • Changed how we handle Nuisance claims over the course of the map.
      • Updated "F-Top Contest" to be more clear on what is and isn't allowed near the end of the map so mistakes are less likely to be made in the future.
    • [April 17th, 2019] Updated the following rules:
      • Addendum added to the F-Top Contest in regards to Merging
      • Addendum added to Buffer Claims to address factions building too closely together
      • Removed hoppers from the Inside Rule section since they no longer carry value
    • [April 19th, 2019]Updated the following rules:
      • Addendum added in Raid Claims regarding making unclaimed defenses in front of a defending faction's counter cannon
      • Re-worded the rule regarding raid claims so it's a bit easier to understand.
    • [April 21st, 2019] Addendum created under the Exploits rule to include faction names.
    • [June 8th, 2019] Added a section under F-Top that disallows factions from winning more than 1 map at a time.
    • [July 5th, 2019] Added some new rules regarding screensharing and what we will ban for if we find it. The list can be found here.
    • [July 8th, 2019] Addendum surrounding Screensharing and the barring of Lunar Client actively being used on Desteria. Details can be found here and here. This rule will go into effect as of July 9th, 2019 00:00 EST.
    • [October 20th, 2019] Updated Gameplay Rules and Regulations to include a restriction on Finnster walls. (20 walls per base.)
    • [April 1st, 2020] Rules thread removed, Wiki introduced. Several changes made:
      • Forums Games violations will now be met with reply-bans.
      • Filter Evasion is now actively warned and muted for
      • Fall traps noted as legal under the Tier 2 rules
      • Scamming is no longer blacklisted for. Players are expected to protect themselves by not indulging in IRL trades.
      • Insiding has been made legal. Use /f perms to protect yourself against insiders.
      • Using alts to afk walls now listed under Tier 2 punishments
      • Raid claims that do not have an active cannon built & ready to shoot after 48 hours of inactivity (which we will consider as an active cannon shooting) will be considered inactive. You have 48 hours to build an active cannon upon claiming. We will not be warning the raiding faction for inactive raid claims.
      • You can only claim 1 raid claim per side of a faction that you are trying to raid. Any extra raid claims will be removed.
      • Excessive use of obsidian to protect spawners is prohibited. Examples of this are covering spawners completely except for a single block, using waters and doors to falsely say it’s ceggable, making a single line of trapdoors or other objects that require the user to use an excessive amount of creeper eggs to get to your spawners. Spawners should be accessible with the usage of a single creeper egg after breaching the base. The exception is horizontal intersections. Protection blocks will be removed.
      • Horizontal intersections within a base will not be considered excessive use of obsidian to protect spawners, but once a base is breached, there should be no vertical defenses. "Examples of horizontal intersections are reverse layers/obsidian sandwiches." (updated 3rd of April)
      • | Active Raid: (now included for Auren Besen and Caden to limit a faction to prevent getting raided by more than 1 cannon)
        Punishment: Progress reset and cannon removal.
        Once a cannon fires on a faction base, it will be considered an “active” raid and no other cannons should be operating during this time. The active raid will continue until 10 minutes after the last shot was fired. After the active raid has ended, you may shoot your cannon immediately and start your own active raid. (Includes anti-raid / counter claims)
      • Fixed vagueness in anti-raid claims rule - Additional claims past the 20 chunk buffer are allowed to be used against raid claims as long as they are not in the line of fire. These claims have then to be removed when the enemy's claims are removed.
    • [April 7th, 2020] Updated wording and added information regarding;
      • "Outside of Drego, the usage of printer for building anything but cannons will be punished similarly." Under Base and Raid Defences.
      • "Counter cannons within anti-raid claims or inside a base's buffer are not allowed to be used against any raid claims but the ones directed at the base they're being used to protect." Under Base Claims.
      • "You have a 10-day inactivity kick. Once a player's been inactive for over 10 days at the /ar point, they will be kicked from the faction. If the entirety of the faction has been inactive for 10 days, it will be disbanded." Under Factions.
    • [April 13th, 2020]Updated the following rules (Going in effect on 18th of April 2020):
      • Active Raid: Firing at a base OR cannon box can now only be done with a maximum of ONE cannon. Only after a 10 minute timer, people can start firing a different cannon.
      • Cannons: Automatic cannons and levers on cannons are now legal as long as there is one person active in the cannon box.
      • Drego Rules Insiding: Added Insiding to the list of Illegal Offenses for Drego.
      • There can only be one base/core within a single coreclaim regardless of size. (Will be active on Drego 18th of April, and every map that resets onwards)
      • You can only claim 1 raid claim per side of a faction base that you are trying to raid. Any extra raid claims will be removed. (new section) We will consider any inactive raid claims when checking out reports regarding this and won't warn for it if the extra raid claims are inactive.
    • [May 5th, 2020] Updated the following rule
      • Genbuckets, patchbuckets and printer cannot be used during an active raid with no exceptions. A raid is considered active for 5 minutes after the last shot. Outside of Drego, the usage of printer for building anything but cannons will be punished similarly. The usage of sandbots for anything other than usage for sand stacking in cannons is illegal.
      • Due to the disruption and rule breaking caused by disqualified factions, we'll be removing all spawners and tnt from a faction once disqualified.
    • [May 9th, 2020] Added "breadcrumbs" to the list of legal modifications.
    • [May 15th, 2020] Changed Forum warning points to give a 90 day ban at 10+ warning points instead of a permanent ban.
    • [May 19th, 2020] Added rule about cobweb defenses being disallowed to prevent walls from being destroyed in one shot. Will go into effect at the start of each upcoming map.
    • [May 23rd, 2020] Added: "Claims smaller than 2x2 are considered nuisance claims and will be removed." under Raid Claims.
    • [June 5th, 2020] Added: "Any cannon that can blow up multiple holes in different X or Z coordinates within the same or different walls with one button press is disallowed. " under Illegal Cannons after poll results.
    • [June 16th, 2020] Added: "During Grace Period, factions won't be warned for Base and Raid defence Rules. Factions will be punished after Grace Period if they fail to follow the rules until that time." under Gameplay Rules and Regulations
    • [July 1st, 2020] Added: " Minor offenses for causing lag within the server with entities etc. (depending on the severity, read the note)" under Abusing Glitches, Bugs or Exploits
    • [July 5th, 2020] Added: " The entirety of a raid claim must be claimed with /f raidclaim claim and no normal /f claims should be used in the 10x10 or smaller raid claim. Normal claims will be removed." under Gameplay Rules and Regulations. Also added a note under Illegal Patching to elaborate further on Sandbots and Printer.
    • [July 11th, 2020] Edited: The max size of a raid/anti-raid claim is now 9x9 due to only being able to claim a 9x9 /f raidclaim. Also updated wording of a section in Illegal Defenses to prevent confusion, no changes within the rule or wording.
    • [July 29th, 2020] Added: Discord rule about creating troll tickets.
    • [August 1st, 2020] Updated, removed, added rules - summary here:
    • [April 12th, 2021] Added under Disclaimers in Discord Rules: "As the platform of enforcing these rules are within Discord, the Discord Terms of Service (ToS) will be considered when applying punishments, and offenses that warrant ToS bans will be enforced with permanent bans from our Discord."

    Mute and Ban Evasion Policy
    To dispel any confusion about our mute and ban evasion policies here on Desteria, the Management team sat down and properly discussed the issue. In order to reach a compromise in which players are never unfairly punished for factors out of their control and are given chances where necessary, but also so that cheaters are properly addressed and punished, we've produced the following policy.


    For a player to join our network, at the same time when one or more accounts under their ownership are restricted for any reason. Ownership is determined by a shared IP-Address.


    Any accounts found online while sharing an IP with a banned account will be forcibly removed and restricted from the server. Staff members are able to detect linked accounts and will take action without warning to the offending player.

    NOTE: Ban evasion will result in an extension of the current punishment by 1 level.
    Sidenote: Evading a KOTH deathban will result in a 24h ban.

    What if I use a publicly available alt?
    Public alts will be treated no differently than a normal alt. If you use a public alt and get it banned, even if you did not purchase the account originally, we will be looking at the last-in-use IP (yours) when searching for other accounts that might potentially be evading the alt's ban. If you get yourself banned with an alt, you're putting your main at risk for ban evasion. Don't do it.

    What if it was my brother / grandmother / dog (etc) who got their account banned?

    If you are banned for evasion, but the original offender was a family member or friend using the same IP as you, you may appeal ONCE. The next time someone sharing your IP is caught, the ban will be permanent and un-appealable.

    In order for your appeal to be accepted, you MUST organize a time with a Moderator+ in which ALL you, your relative that was originally banned, and the Moderator+ could join a discord voice channel. You and your relative both need to talk from the same microphone under the same discord account. You and your relative MAY be asked several questions to prove that there was indeed a second party involved rather than a ban evasion case.

    What if I used a public shared IP (i.e. school or library)?

    It is easy to find if your IP truly links to a public network. Make an appeal and an Administrator or higher will look into it.


    Logging into alternate accounts to be able to talk as normal in chat while muted on your main is considered mute evasion. Ownership can be determined by a shared IP address. Punishment will be delivered based on the circumstance and at the discretion of the involved Staff Member.

    If you are discovered to be mute evading, your punishment on the originally punished account AND the alternate account(s) will be the next punishment scaling upwards of what your main originally received. For example, if the account IMuteEvade was muted for 24h, and the individual got on the account IMuteEvadeToo and was found guilty of mute evading, now both IMuteEvade and IMuteEvadeToo will be muted for 48h. This stacking continues for every account thus found guilty.

    What if I get on an alt but I don't talk?
    If you have only been found guilty of a mute you are free to log on as long as you do not talk in any chats similarly to how you're not allowed to on the muted account.

    Can I message a staff member to discuss a mute?
    Of course, although you will only be allowed to message a staff member to discuss your mute. If you end up using any chats that are otherwise restricted to you while muted you will be punished as described above.