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  • Our system of forum moderation utilizes "Warning Points".
    Each time a rule is broken, the offending post is deleted and a certain amount of warning points are issued to the offending user. Evasion of a ban based off warning points will have the ban elevated higher.

    The following thresholds are in place for the warning system:
    5 Points: 3d Ban
    6 Points: 7d Ban
    7 Points: 14d Ban
    8 Points: 30d Ban
    9 Points: 60d Ban
    10 Points+: 90d Ban
    Tier One Offenses

    | Inappropriate Use of the Rate System
    1 Warning Point : Expires after 2 Months
    Rate spamming is not allowed on our forums platform. An example includes but is not limited to spamming another players comments and/or posts to spam them with unnecessary notifications or in general using rates to be a nuisance.

    | Public Advertising of Foreign Trades
    1 Warning Point : Expires after 2 Months
    We do not allow individuals to advertise that they are selling non-game items for non-game currency. For example, You are not allowed to advertise that you are selling or trading minecraft accounts, products, or other non game items. Also, you may not advertise you are selling or looking for goods with real life money. If you wish to advertise, please restrict it to in-game items for in-game currency. We do not protect these trades and can not ensure your safety should you choose to engage in such activity. If you are found advertising a foreign trade, your message will be deleted and you will be issued a warning point.

    | Microposting // Rate Farming
    1 Warning Point : Expires after 2 Months
    Microposting is defined as posting minimal words without meaningful conversation or without adding anything to the content of the topic in question(eg. "first", "k"). This unnecessarily clutters the forums and is therefore illegal.

    Ratings farming means to create alts to farm likes, comments, or other positive remarks or ratings. This includes getting friends/acquaintances to needlessly rate your posts, as well as doing so for other people. Ratings farming is illegal as it gives people unfair rate countings.

    | Troll Post // Application //Accounts
    1 Warning Point : Expires after 2 Months
    Accounts, posts, and applications made solely to cause trouble, upset, or waste time, will be removed. The owner's main account will receive the punishment. Staff reserve the right to determine and define what exactly counts as a "troll" post, application or account.

    | Forums Games
    Reply ban on affected thread
    Intentionally misleading players, ignoring a thread's Rules or being blatantly obnoxious will lead to a punishment.

    Tier Two Offenses
    | Harassment // Pessimism
    2 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    The act of continued badgering or pestering of another player or Staff Member. You’re expected to behave respectfully towards your peers. Furthermore, constructive criticism has its place, but overtly negative or pessimistic statements serve no purpose and are not welcome on out platform.

    | Recreating Threads
    2 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    When a thread has already been made, there is no reason to recreate it. The same goes for locked threads. Those are locked for a reason and should not be re-posted or recreated with similar content. Applies to deleted threads as well.

    | Threats // Suggestive Comments
    2 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    Any statement made that suggests harm will or should come to another user, their family, friends, property, pets, or any other such aspect of their life that is NOT a part of Minecraft will result in immediate punishment.

    | Inappropriate Content
    2 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    Desteria is not the place for the excessive discussion of any mature content nor is it a platform for you to share it. Use your common sense (as will we when choosing whether or not to punish you). Explicit content will immediately be warned for.

    Note: Explicit content is seen as, but not limited to, sexualized talk & roleplay, disturbing descriptions, describing your sexual experiences or fantasies, any kind of ****ographic or grotesque image or video, explicit website links (safe links that look like explicit links will be punished for as well), or anything of similar nature that isn't specifically mentioned here.

    | Offensive Behavior
    2 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    Subjectively offensive words and phrases are automatically filtered by the forums (Ex: gay and retarded). If you attempt to bypass this filter to force others to view blocked out words and phrases, you will be punished accordingly.

    Note: Overly offensive, blatantly racist comments, and hate speech are always punished for. We do not tolerate such behavior.

    Tier Three Offenses
    | Inappropriate Name // Profile Picture
    3 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    Just like Inappropriate Content, your name or profile picture is not the place to show off mature content, nor is it the platform to share it. Please use common sense when choosing a name or profile picture. Examples of such content include, but is not limited to, explicitly sexual or grotesque imagery.

    | Sensitive Information Release
    3 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    Any sensitive information regarding another user distributed without their explicit permission could warrant a punishment. Information about other users lives is not yours to distribute even if you find it publicly available.

    Furthermore, it is not the job of the Staff Team to ascertain proof as to whether or not the information you’re releasing is valid. If you claim ‘x’ is someone’s address, even if it is not, you will be punished as if it is. Also, there is no way for us to prove whether or not information you claim to be releasing about YOURSELF is truly your own or that of someone else. This said, save for information such as first names and other basic details about yourself that you may choose to share - any identifying sensitive information released ANYWHERE on our network may result in your being punished.

    Beneath is a non-exhaustive list of mutable offenses:
    • Age, Cities (or general area of residence), State

    | Advertisement
    5 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    Advertising other servers’ IP addresses is strictly prohibited. Whether or not the IP is an actual IP, if it is structured as an IP address, we will treat it as a functional address and you will be punished. This also includes other servers' websites or discord links.

    | DoS // DoX // Hack // Swat Threats
    9 Warning Points : Expire after 2 Months
    • DoS Threats:
      • Threats of an attack that will be made against other users’ internet or any of Desteria’s servers.
    • DoX Threats
      • Threats of information release including users’ picture, social media accounts, full names, exact addresses, schools, IP addresses or any other information deemed private and/or sensitive by the Staff Team.
    • Hack Threat:
      • Threats made claiming the perpetrator will implant malware on another user’s computer or to break into one of their accounts.
    • Swat Threats
      • Threatening to send law enforcement to other users’ residence.

    Tier Four Offences

    | Malicious Links
    Any link that redirects to a malicious site designed to grab your personal information or install malware onto your machine. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Phishing links
    • IP Grabbers
      • - Here are some examples of IP grabbers, so that you can protect yourself against them. Credit to @Vin for creating this list.
    • Malicious software downloads

    | DoS Attacks // Sensitive Information Leaks // Hack Attempts // Swatting
    • DoS Attacks:
      • Attacks made against other users’ internet or any of Desteria’s servers.
    • DoX Attacks // Sensitive Information Leaks:
      • Release of other users’ picture, social media accounts, full names, exact addresses, schools, IP addresses or any other information deemed private by the Staff Team. If necessary, unique cases will be handled as is appropriate by the Management Team. This rule aims to protect users privacy, not ban new players for not knowing better and harmlessly playing around.
    • Hack Attempts:
      • Attempts made to implant malware on another users’ computer or to break into one of their accounts.
    • Swatting
      • Sending law enforcement to other users’ residence.