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Factions Rules

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  • Gameplay Rules and Regulations

    | Faction Strike System // Disqualification
    Each faction will get 10 warnings per map before their F-Top value is set to 0 and the faction is thus disqualified.
    2 warning points = 10% of the faction’s ftop is automatically removed.
    4 warning points = 25% of the faction’s ftop is automatically removed.
    6 warning points = 50% of the faction’s ftop is automatically removed.
    8 warning points = 75% of the faction’s ftop is automatically removed.
    10 warning points = 100% of the faction’s ftop is automatically removed.

    Factions will receive warnings via their /f warnings. If a faction is caught attempting to evade disqualification by splitting up, disbanding, making a new faction or anything that may be seen as a DQ-Evasion, the faction will also be disqualified. If you are a part of a disqualified faction's roster, you are allowed to play, but you are not allowed to compete for ftop. Due to the disruption and rule breaking caused by disqualified factions, we'll be removing all spawners and tnt from a faction once disqualified.

    During Grace Period, factions won't be warned for Base and Raid defence Rules. Factions will be punished once Grace Period is over if they fail to fix their offenses.

    | Avoiding Warnings
    If a faction disbands / creates a new faction to avoid warning points then all the warnings from the previous faction will be transferred over. The base, the spawners and roster comparisons will be used as evidence.

    | Disclaimers
    Rule Bending:
    Any attempt to intentionally warp the meaning of, misinterpret the phrasing of, or take advantage of being ignorant of the rules themselves will be subject to the discretion of the Management Team in how we want to proceed. This also applies to the rules themselves and their intended purpose.
    Evidence Submission:
    We will not act on sub-par or incomplete evidence. We want to make sure we're being as fair as possible, so our guidelines for proof need to show that there's absolutely no doubt that it happened. If we cannot 100% determine what's going on, we may decide it's better to hold off on a punishment while more proof is obtained. Please keep this in mind when submitting evidence of someone breaking the rules.
    Warning points are there to discourage people from continuing to break the rules. If a warning point has to be given more than once for failure to abide by the rules, it may come with additional repercussions on top of the warning point itself. Depending on the situation, administrators may decide to give a certain amount of time to the faction to fix the issue themselves before issuing any additional punishments. The punishments of the offenses are noted under the titles.

    | Base Claims - 1 Warning Point
    Each Offense : 1 Warning Point / Claim Removal
    • A base's buffer needs to be claimed by the same faction that claimed the base. If the buffer is claimed by faction A and the core is claimed by faction B, both factions will be warned and faction A's claims will be removed.
    • A buffer can be a maximum of 20 chunks big, starting from the shell of the base. Any further claims or defense builds will be removed.
    • Additional claims/anti-raid claims past the 20 chunk buffer are allowed to be used against raid claims as long as they are not in the line of fire. These claims have then to be removed when the enemy's claims are removed. Counter cannons within anti-raid claims or inside a base's buffer are not allowed to be used against any raid claims but the ones directed at the base they're being used to protect.
    • There have to be at least 30 chunks in between your base and another faction's base. The most recent faction's base and their claims will be removed. We will give the most recent faction a 24h warning before removing their claims and base.
    • Each faction can only have one corner claim. If there are more, all corner claims apart from one corner will be removed.
    • There can only be one base/core within a single coreclaim regardless of size. You can only place your spawners inside this one shell. We will give the faction a 24h warning and option to remove which core before world-editing it out.

    | Raid and Anti-Raid Claims - 1 Warning Point
    Each Offense : 1 Warning Point / Claim Removal
    • Raid and Anti-Raid claims have to cover an area of at least 2x2 chunks and a maximum of 9x9 chunks. This needs to include every part of the cannon including the adjust. Claims smaller than 2x2 are considered nuisance claims and will be removed. Additional claims will be removed.
    • A counter cannon of a faction can not be used to defend or raid any other faction.
    • There have to be at least 7 chunks between multiple raid claims on 1 side to allow for the defending faction to counter. Illegal claims will be removed.
    • Every part of the cannon and cannon defenses have to be claimed by one faction. All claims apart from one faction's will be removed.
    • The cannon box can only entail a cannon. If anything else is built in there (such as a grinder) it will be removed.
    • You can only claim 1 raid claim per side of a faction base that you are trying to raid. Any extra raid claims will be removed. We will consider any inactive raid claims and any claims made to counter a counter cannon of the other faction when checking out reports regarding this rule and won't warn for it if the extra raid claims are inactive or they are used to counter an anti-raid claim outside of the defending faction's 20chunk buffer on a raid claim.
    • The entirety of a raid claim must be claimed with /f raidclaim claim and no normal /f claims should be used in the 9x9 or smaller raid claim. Normal claims will be removed.
    • Raidclaims can only be countered from the sides with Anti-Raid claims or the front with counter cannons that reside in the 20 chunk buffer of the defending faction. If a faction fails to follow this rule, they will receive a warning, the illegal counter cannon will be removed and the damages to the raiding faction's cannon box will be rolled back.
    • You can only have 24 walls / 3 chunks of defenses on each side of your cannon box. If you fail to follow this rule, you'll receive a warning point and your extra walls will be removed. Counter cannons inside a faction's 20 chunk buffer are exempt from this rule.

    | Base and Raid Defenses - 1 Warning Point
    Each Offense : 1 Warning Point

    • Covering spawners with any block as well as watering it is illegal. Illegal structures will face removal along with the spawners inside them.
    • Spawners should be accessible with the usage of a single creeper egg after breaching the base. The exception is horizontal intersections. Protection blocks will be removed.
    • Horizontal intersections within a base are allowed, but once a base is breached, there should be no vertical defenses. Examples of horizontal intersections are reverse layers/obsidian sandwiches.
    Walls and Raid Defense:
    • Unraidable blocks, if found, should be reported immediately as a bug and to management. Failure to do so may result in additional punishment. Reporting issues and not taking advantage of them is the only way to keep yourself from being punished.
    • Regeneration walls are not to be used under any circumstances and will be immediately removed.
    • Finnster walls have a maximum of 20 per base side. Any more will be removed.
    • Genbuckets, patchbuckets and printer cannot be used during an active raid with no exceptions. Genbuckets, patchbuckets and printer usage during an active raid will result in 2 warning points. A raid is considered active for 5 minutes after the last shot. Outside of Drego, the usage of printer for building anything but cannons will be punished similarly. The usage of sandbots for anything other than usage for sand stacking in cannons is illegal. ! Refer to the Tier 3 Server Rules for being caught patching illegally !
    • Using any form of raid alerts is strictly prohibited. Usage of Raid Alerts software and/or excessive protection by usage of Raid Alerts will end up in a disqualification. Much less excessive raid alerts implementations such as redstone, string, rails on sandwalls/walls etc will result in 1 warning point. !This is a non-exhaustive list!
    • A faction is not allowed to build extra defenses in wilderness to defend their base. Up to a total of 2 blocks being wilderness patched per active raid will result in no warning points, a total of 2-10 blocks will result in 1, and more than 10 blocks total will result in 2 warning points.
    • You may not use cobwebs in or below walls to protect your base. Usage of cobwebs for cannons/cannon boxes and slits are allowed.

    | Illegal Cannons - 2 Warning Points
    Each Offense : 2 Warning Point
    Additional Punishments: Players involved in construction or firing of an illegal cannon will be banned for 30 days. The cannon will be completely removed, and any damage done to a faction’s base will be rolled back.

    • Cannons cannot have their purpose in creating lag (e.g. lag machines)
    • Cannot function like an AC130 or similar. TNT is disabled at 255Y and above.
    • Cannot be a Flux Cannon or similar. ! Refer to Tier 3 Server Rules for being caught using an illegal cannon !
    • The max shooting distance for cannons is 250 chunks. If your cannon is able to bypass this, you will be punished.
    • Our Fortified Walls plugin will prevent any cannon from blowing up walls faster than the speed limit (3.9 seconds to compensate for TPS on ABC, 2.9 seconds on Drego). If your cannon is able to bypass this, you will be punished.
    • The cannon should not be capable of destroying more than one wall per shot. Any cannon that can blow up multiple holes in different X or Z coordinates within the same or different walls with one button press and/or one shot of the cannon is disallowed.

    | Factions - 1 Warning Point
    Each Offense : 1 Warning Point
    • You have a 10-day inactivity kick. Once a player's been inactive for over 10 days at the /ar point, they will be kicked from the faction. If the entirety of the faction has been inactive for 10 days, it will be disbanded.
    • You cannot use alt factions and alt accounts to assist in faction matters such as raiding or checking walls. Using alt factions to raid for any reason will result in both factions being warned. Alts can be used ONLY to afk cannons as chunk loaders. Usage of alts to assist in raiding such as adjusting Y/X, pressing buttons/using levers are illegal and will result in a warning point. Using alts to afk or check walls will result in the alt being kicked once, and then banned temporarily. ! Refer to the Tier 2 Server Rules !
    • Splitting and merging is only legal during the first week of the map (grace period). Bringing over ftop value from one faction to another (even if kicked from initial faction), splitting ftop value, or merging ftop value is illegal and the faction(s) responsible can face disqualification from ftop.
    • Each Faction can only win one reward on one realm. (A faction going for F-Top rewards is defined as an entity of players under a single faction name, however their alt factions will also be taken into consideration when calculating the F-Top winners. If you want to have multiple factions, please create them at the start of the season and as two separate factions).

    | Active Raid - 1 Warning Point
    Punishment: 1 Warning Point, progress reset and cannon removal.
    Once a cannon fires on a faction base and destroys a wall, it will be considered an “active” raid and no other cannons should be operating during this time. Once a counter cannon is used by the defending faction, no other counter cannons should be used for 10 minutes from the last shot. The active raid will continue until 10 minutes after the last shot was fired. After the active raid has ended, you may shoot your cannon immediately and start your own active raid.

    | Base Leeching - 1 Warning Point
    Punishment: 1 Warning Point + Any damage done to a faction’s base will be rolled back.
    During an active raid, only the factions involved in the raid (defenders and attackers) should be participating. Only the Truce and Ally factions to the faction who has the raid claim claimed and started the active raid can help the raiding faction and only the Truce and Ally factions to the faction who is defending their base can help the defending faction. You will be kicked first as a warning and given a 1d ban after if you continue after you are caught assisting either side during an active raid. ! Refer to the Tier2 Server Rules ! Any breaches of this rule on an excessive scale that causes rollbacks will warrant a warning point. Any damages to the raid, the cannon box and/or the base that can be proven will get rolled back.

    | Drego Rules
    Since Drego is our more competitive realm, that is only hosted every couple of weeks/months and only for a total of four weeks at a time, there are certain rules that only apply to this realm in addition to the previous rules.

    | Insiding or Betraying
    Punishment: Tier 3 ban on any users that inside
    Any purposeful action that directly or indirectly (significantly) lowers a faction’s F-Top value as a result. This non-exhaustive list includes unclaiming land, breaking down defenses to let others in, and mining or destroying spawners.
    • Criteria that is considered illegal:
      • Mining or destroying spawners within faction claimed land without permission.
      • Aiding others in their efforts to destroy spawners within the faction.
      • Unclaiming land to cause loss in faction value.
      • Any other griefing that directly or indirectly causes (significant) faction value loss.
    • Criteria that IS NOT considered illegal:
      • Mining or destroying spawners during a raid in order to save them.
      • Griefing that doesn’t cause F-Top value loss.
      • Unclaiming land that doesn’t cause F-Top value loss.
      • Stealing items from chests. Permissions are there for you to utilize them to prevent this from happening.
      • TPA’ing others outside of faction claims.
      • Revealing faction coordinates to the public.