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  • Disclaimers:

    Please keep in mind that in a voice chat it can be hard to distinguish between players. This will be handled at the discretion of staff members present.

    As the platform of enforcing these Rules are within Discord, the Discord Terms of Service (ToS) will be considered when applying punishments, and offenses that warrant ToS bans will be enforced with permanent bans from our Discord.

    Tier One Offences
    Punishments are manually calculated based on your personal 30 day offense history.
    4h discord mute
    2nd: 24h discord mute
    3rd: 48h discord mute
    4th: 24h discord ban
    5th: 7d discord ban
    6th+: 14d discord ban

    Disclaimer: Staff, if witnessing an offense, are not required to have recorded footage of Tier One Voice Chat Offenses. Players must include recorded footage when reporting these cases to staff members.

    | No Harassment or Pessimism
    The act of badgering or pestering of another (player or staff) after being warned or being asked to stop. If you continue after this point, you will be punished.

    Note: If you continue harassing someone after waiting a period of time (hours or days), you may still be punished for it.

    | No Spamming
    Do not spam or flood the chat with content meant specifically to drown out others or make it harder for staff to moderate chat. Mistakes do happen, so staff will warn globally for spam once. If you continue after this warning, you will be punished.

    Categorizations of "spam":
    • Uninterrupted, rapid posting of the same or similar message. (The speed at which you post is based on the activity of the chat, which is why it is not defined here.)
    • Excessive use of the same or similar characters. Excessive is defined at anything above 5 in a row. (Ex: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    • Organizing a group of players (often a faction) to post very close to each other in order to move chat up at an unreasonably high rate compared to normal flow.
    • Bribing or convincing others to break the rules. (Ex: "Say a number from 1-100 in chat to win a prize!") - these games are fine as long as the responses are sent in PM's.
    | Advertising Real Life Trades
    Many players have been deceived by others promising to pay them real money if they purchase a donator rank, monthly crate, etc. for them. These sorts of situations where real money is being paid or moved around before you receive anything is dangerous and almost always a scam - we will warn and mute anyone who actively advertises these trades in chat as we don't want to take the risk of them possibly being a scam. Nonetheless, it is up to you to be responsible and aware enough to stay away from these dangerous scams. We value your safety and want to make sure you get what you pay for. All of Desteria's purchases are done through our official webstore. Be safe and don't get scammed!

    Note: In-game currency or item scamming is considered legal, so always be careful when trading. If someone doesn't want to use our /trade function, don't pursue the trade at all! Staff members can middle-man an in-game trade if available, but are not allowed to middle-man IRL trades.

    | Be Respectful // No Filter Evasion
    Subjectively offensive words and phrases are filtered by our discord bot (Ex: gay and retarded). If you attempt to bypass this filter to force others to view blocked out words and phrases, you will be punished accordingly.

    Note: Overly offensive, blatantly racist comments, and hate speech are muted for even if those comments are filtered out of chat. We do not tolerate such behavior and will punish for it regardless of whether anyone saw it or not.

    | Don't Release Sensitive Information
    Due to the sensitivity of names, addresses, etc. being released constantly, we will always lean towards cautionary action being taken as opposed to letting someone continue to release information cryptically or otherwise. We will be overly strict with this rule in particular in accordance with the desire to allow people to keep their anonymity while using our services.

    Trying to skate on the edge of this rule will result in you being punished accordingly. Cautionary action can range from deletion of content with warning, mutes, kicks, and bans from any or all of our networks.

    Desteria does not recommend releasing any kind of personal information due to how easy it is to obtain someone's location, sensitive information, and other private details from simple facts you may think are harmless by themselves. We encourage everyone to stay as anonymous as possible on the internet since not doing so may result in information being released that you never wanted to be public.

    Keep in mind that social media that is found through internet searches is NOT actually "DOX"ing since you've left it openly available for people to find, so please protect yourself by making sure your accounts are all private or not easily searchable via usernames or nicknames. We will only moderate our own servers and are not responsible for information found outside of that.
    This rule only applies to Tier 1 Sensitive Information Release. If you're releasing anything sensitive such as IP addresses, full addresses, last names, etc - it will be treated as a Tier 3 punishment regardless of whose information it is.

    | No Inappropriate Content
    Posting explicit content will result in an immediate mute. Carrying on a conversation about explicit content will result in a warning and punishment if it's continued afterwards.

    Note: Explicit content is seen as, but not limited to, sexualized talk & roleplay, disturbing descriptions, describing your sexual experiences or fantasies, any kind of ****ographic or grotesque image or video, explicit website links (safe links that look like explicit links will be punished for as well), or anything of similar nature that isn't specifically mentioned here.

    | No Threats or Suggestive Comments
    Any statement made that suggests harm will or should come to another user, their family, friends, property, pets, or any other such aspect of their life that is NOT a part of Minecraft will result in immediate punishment.

    | Loud or Obnoxious Noises - Voice Chat
    Purposely making loud, obnoxious, and unruly sounds in the Discord is against the rules. Voice changers are also not allowed if they distort your voice in an unnatural, annoying, or extreme way.

    Tier Two Offences
    Punishments are scaled based on the amount of punishments you've received in the last 6 months.
    1d discord ban
    2nd: 7d discord ban
    3rd: 14d discord ban
    4th+: 21d discord ban
    | No Advertisements
    Advertising other servers (through either direct IP addresses, Discord Invites, etc.) in chat. Whether or not the IP is an actual IP, if it is structured as an IP address, or if it is a Discord link that goes to another server's discord, we will treat it as a functional address and you will be punished.

    • NOTE: Advertisement bans start at 7 days. If the rule violator is clearly not a player of Desteria and their only intent is to siphon players from our network, their offense will be met with a permanent ban instead.
    | Bot Commands
    The Desteria Discord uses several bots that can accomplish several tasks. Users are automatically restricted in their usage for the bot commands. If you do end up finding a way around this restriction and abuse it, you will face punishment.

    | Spam Joining Voice Channels
    Moving channels rapidly for the sole purpose of bothering people with the constant notification from Discord will result in temporary removal of the discord.

    | Creating Troll Tickets
    The ticket system on the Desteria discord is used exclusively for user support and questions. Should you be creating tickets for the sole purpose of being obnoxious, your actions will be met with a ban.

    Tier Three Offences
    Punishments are scaled based on the amount of punishments you've received.
    30d discord ban
    2nd: 60d discord ban
    3rd+: 90d discord ban
    | DoS Threats // DoX Threats // Hack Threats // Swat Threats
    • DoS Threats:
      • Threats of an attack that will be made against other users’ internet or any of Desteria’s servers.
    • DoX Threats
      • Threats of information release including users’ picture, social media accounts, full names, exact addresses, schools, IP addresses or any other information deemed private and/or sensitive by the Staff Team.
    • Hack Threat:
      • Threats made claiming the perpetrator will implant malware on another user’s computer or to break into one of their accounts.
    • Swat Threats
      • Threatening to send law enforcement to other users’ residence.

    | Offensive or Inappropriate Names Or Profile Pictures
    Any user with a name or profile picture that is discriminatory, offensive, inappropriate or derogatory in any way will be banned indefinitely until they change their name or profile picture. At that point in time they will be unbanned upon appealing or messaging another staff member. This rule will be handled with the discretion of the involved Staff Member(s). You should not be banned for ban evasion if you were punished for breaking this rule as it is only the account name/picture that is banned, not the user himself.

    Tier Four Offences
    Blacklisted users will be removed from all our services. You may appeal Blacklists after 6 months.
    | Malicious Links
    Any link that redirects to a malicious site designed to grab your personal information or install malware onto your machine. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Phishing links
    • IP Grabbers
      • - Here are some examples of IP grabbers, so that you can protect yourself against them. Credit to @Vin for creating this list.
    • Malicious software downloads

    | DoS Attacks // Sensitive Information Leaks // Hack Attempts // Swatting
    • DoS Attacks:
      • Attacks made against other users’ internet or any of Desteria’s servers.
    • DoX Attacks // Sensitive Information Leaks:
      • Release of other users’ picture, social media accounts, full names, exact addresses, schools, IP addresses or any other information deemed private by the Staff Team. If necessary, unique cases will be handled as is appropriate by the Management Team. This rule aims to protect users privacy, not ban new players for not knowing better and harmlessly playing around.
    • Hack Attempts:
      • Attempts made to implant malware on another users’ computer or to break into one of their accounts.
    • Swatting
      • Sending law enforcement to other users’ residence.