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  • Blacklisted Appeal Process

    After 6 months a blacklisted user may make an appeal on our forums page under the "Blacklist Appeals" section.
    It is up to the discretion of the administration team whether the appeal is accepted or denied. Waiting a 6 month period may not guarantee an unban.

    | Conditions
    1. If any alternate accounts are found to be ban evading at any point past the original ban, the appeal will be denied and the time before being able to appeal will be reset back to 6 months.
    2. If a blacklist appeal is accepted, they will be unbanned with the following condition.
    • If they are found breaking any Tier 2 or higher Rules, they will be re-blacklisted and must repeat this appeal process after 6 months. Even after this 6 month appeal period, it is up to the administration team to agree on the banned users appeal if it should be accepted or denied. More severe offences may grant a longer appeal time.

    | Denied Blacklist Appeals
    If a blacklist appeal is made prior to the 6 month wait period, it will be immediately denied. You can only appeal after your 6 months have run out.
    If a blacklist appeal is denied, the user is not allowed to make another appeal for a minimum of 2 months. Any appeals made within that time will be automatically denied.

    | Blacklist Appeal Exceptions
    Prior to changes in the blacklisting system, people would get blacklisted after three or more Tier 3 offenses. Since we no longer have this system, anyone who was blacklisted due to this can now be unbanned. This means, if you are not banned for a Tier 4 offense or blacklisted due to a management decision, you can make a blacklist appeal and will be unbanned*.

    *Exceptions may be made at the discretion of staff. We can never guarantee an unban.