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What if’s...

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what if...
Ambushment gets manager? - Desteria ends
Bethy gets manager? - idek
A dolphin gets manager - the server goes under the sea
Can sky gets manager - he would probs drive away with the cars in his pfp.
Ariana get manager - playerbase goes back up probs
Eraze gets manager - sorry who? I thought he was a rubber.
Annie was manager - honey she’s on LC, come over there if u wish xo
Ilemon quits - umm , HEY LOOK LEMMONCLOUD
Omega quits - oh boi
Desteria merges with LC - a comedy fest
Jok is manager - bugs are gone (I THINK)
Chckn is owner - well bye minecraft


Previously Emperio
Wait but tell me that its healthy to try and get people to go on strike from desteria
Yes because I care about Desteria.

and is trying to diss someone on a ****ing block game just about reusing old phrases

I'm really sick now.
who is depressed over minecraft
minecraft jokes <o/


Previously Emperio
GOOOD RANDOM LMAOO how do i not have iq for calling you a loser because you wanna go on strike from a minecraft server thats literally not healthy get help
you've been playing minecraft for more time
reaaaal cool.

you taling about relevancy and randomness on a game

i wonder what this kid has done irl

***** i never talked about relevancy or being a random. but apparently you're really touchy on that subject. hmmmm. i guess you've never been significant and/or relevant irl so you get all touchy about being relevant on not just a game, but a mf block game.

dude shut up. no one even cares or gives 2 ****s about you toxic opinions. you're just some 13 year old who feels good about having 3000 ratings and 2000 likes.

again no one gives 2 ****s except for me. give me another reply with "minecraft server strike omegaLUL" and ill ****ing slaughter you again. get off this forums and get some help yourself.



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Yo, for real though.

What's going on with that reaction to if I leave? What is that even supposed to mean?
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