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Voting did not count

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This might seem stupid but I care because I am currently top voter and 1 vote can make the difference between first and second place. I just voted on the third voting link, and it even says on the website that I voted (if you were to check right now I am the only one at 15 votes for that website) but in game it did not give me my reward for saying I voted. I was at 79 total votes before voting (at the time) and should have been at 80, but it stayed at 79. Any way this can be fixed and can I get my missing vote?

Thank you!
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We can't manually give you votes I don't think. As far as I know the third voting website has been a bit glitchy recently but that sounds rather like an issue with that website than with our voting system ;o This happens sometimes and usually it fixes itself after a couple days


Staying ahead of you in voting is causing me more stress than my classes so if you could lose a couple votes to some weird lag, that'd help me out lol

Links can be screwy, make sure you're logged in when you vote, capitalize/spell your IGN correctly, stay on the page until it counts in-game, clear your browsing data after voting on link 3 if you're using your phone to vote.
Beyond that, hope that Desteria isn't lagging or the website isn't screwed up at the time you vote.
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