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Ukhari Recruitment Thread

I'm a longtime casual/random player on Desteria. This Season trying to be more competitive. I'm looking for pretty much anyone, just need more hands to get things done faster.

Here are some questions to answer:
1. How often are you able to be online?
2. How old are you; Do you have Discord?
3. Can you set up Walls/Farms/MobGrinders by yourself?
4. Are you a Donor/Do you have a rank?

That's pretty much it, I don't really care about PvP events like KOTH, and I don't go out of my way to raid or fight, again I'm a casual player so my main goal is to build up wealth/spawners via crates (voting and tokens) and focus entirely on defense.

Right now the Faction is tiny, me(KingFriday67) and LacrosseWarrior4 are the only members, so anyone who's new to Desteria/Factions, this is a pretty good non-serious Faction for you.

Any responses are greatly appreciated.