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TickleToes Staff Application


Personal Information
Minecraft Username:
Previous Minecraft Usernames: JasonThorn, Straiqht
Current Age: 18
Timezone/Country: Canada EST

Gender: Male

What is your Discord ID? Also, do you have a microphone? 11Inches#6203

Desteria Information
Average Daily Hours:
Main Realm(s): Drego
Date Joined Desteria: 2014-2015

Detailed Questions
What qualities do you feel a staff member needs to have? - Of the qualities you listed, which ones do you feel you haven’t been able to uphold?

I feel like a staff member should be alpha, so basically me. If your teacher was giving a lesson in class teaching you about wolves he would most likely just call the alpha wolf Brady, thats how alpha I am. Thats the only quality a staff should have because im tired of this beta **** in chat, how the **** did that ***** ass cuck Jnf get staff even though hes like irish or something and sounds like my dying grandma like wtf. Anyways I think a staff should be Alpha :)

Building off the above question, which qualities do you feel you’re most lacking in? How would this hold you back as a Staff Member? I don't think im lacking in anything in the quality section but I do believe I am lacking a few inches downstairs. I am 11.5 inches but my dad was 13 inches and I think that im slacking, who is smaller then their dad??? I know its ****ed up but its just life I guess :/

From everything you’ve learned about this position, players and our server, tell us how you feel you’d make a contribution.
I would make all the players slowly start getting a social life, cause lets be honest, most people on this server are going no where in life and are probably going to live with their parents till their 30s which is no problem, because who doesn't love their parents. But for real it is a real ****ing problem and you guys need to get some sun, and I am here to help you with that :)

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned over your time as a player on Desteria? How have these molded you into someone who you feel is now ready for a Staff position on our network?
I learned that if you lose your diamond gear in pvp, never go back to try and get it when your naked. The reason for that is because when I see people running in PvP naked I roast them and think they are losers and have no friends, and I don't want to be one of those people. This molded me into a better person aka more alpha which would make me perfect for the staff position.

Do you have any previous experience staffing on other servers? If any, what were some of the mistakes you made? What have you already learned about what it means to be a Staff Member?
I have tons of experience with staffing on a camgirls website when I was 14. She didn't know I was 14 though but the past is in the past, I donated to her 3 months ago to make up for it and I got some crazy nudes from her. The mistakes I made while being a mod on the camgirls website was I was on it too much and nut way too much to the point where I had to go to the doctors, since I was a mod I got to go inside of all the secret shows and it was just a free nut zone for me for a year.

What issues and problems do you see with Desteria that bother you, and what steps would you take to remedy them, given the opportunity?
Desteria has a bunch of beta cucks, doesn't childish still play on this? The guy with the big nose and cried over his egirl breaking up with him? Just dont be like childish and you won't be a beta because trust me, he is the utter definition of beta. 1. People with big noses tend to hold doors for girls. 2. People who stay in their room all day talking **** about how they are better at pvp end up having no friends in their late 20s after all the snakes slither out. 3. Hes really ugly. To fix this problem I would just ban all the betas on the server starting with the king beta himself ^

What motivates you to want to become a Staff Member? Be as specific as possible.
I am motivated because desteria is my life, without desteria I would have nothing. I dropped out of school so I could play this and im here for the long run! I cant wait to show the server what a alpha can really do.

Is there any other information about yourself that you feel is relevant? If so, feel free to list it here.
I mentioned this earlier but 11.5 inches strong, still trying to grow more though to beat my dad. Even though hes dead I still see him as competition. If you want alpha tips just dm me. Make sure to +1 the app so we can get rid of the betas.

@Lucy dont delete it this time, its in a different section


I saw you were the one who -1 it earlier. get out of here beta. what kind of guy watches riverdale :sick:
even worse, you guys are teaming up on me cause you don't want me to take your staff position.
I know a lot of people who watches riverdale and their a guy, It's not just for girls as people say it is. And I'm confused what's a beta can I ask?


Aren't mock applications supposed to be... funny?
get out of here you have no friends
[doublepost=1556147539,1556147485][/doublepost]id like to thank my fans, i wont forget you once i get admin (free diamonds)