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The future of Factions on Desteria


Greetings Desteria!

As some of you may already know, Minecraft's EULA has been a hot topic in the past. The Minecraft EULA is a set of rules by Mojang that lists what Minecraft servers are allowed and not allowed to do.

Many servers, including Desteria, have been in close communication with Mojang over the past couple of years. Originally, the EULA was super strict and only allowed servers to sell cosmetics, which isn't viable for a server like Desteria. The EULA was then finally updated in April 2020, which now means selling 'P2W' items is only disallowed if the server is considered competitive.

Mojang has blacklisted Desteria since May 2017, but we've remained online by using a different DNS record called SRV.

On March 31st, in the latest Java Edition 1.17 snapshot 21w13a, the EULA blacklist bypass has been patched.

Today, I am announcing that future releases of Desteria factions will not be allowed to have any payouts (this includes store gift cards). Our factions servers will transition into casual gameplay to ensure we are compliant with the Minecraft EULA and so Desteria can be unblacklisted.

Also, effective immediately, purchasable unbans have been removed from the Desteria store.

We may make further changes as we communicate with Mojang to get Desteria unblacklisted as soon as possible. I will update this thread and notify you of any changes via the #announcements channel in our Discord server.

Kind regards,
Desteria Team

This is a serious matter that affects Desteria and many other Minecraft servers, specifically factions servers due to their competitive nature. You will notice other servers announce similar changes in the coming weeks. Server owners are communicating to decide on the best way to move forward, and we'll keep you updated.


Hey whats going on the server?? lemon message is from 4 of april and server still shutted down. Is there another server for factions??
factions died out pretty much entirely. maybe one or two lowly populated servers out there that i know of. desteria is never coming back and if it does it will not succeed under factions, it will be something completely different most likely. server was no longer generating enough value for the management so it was cut, simple as that as far as i'm concerned