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Suggestion - Runescape-esque wilderness area

Runescape-esque wilderness area?

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Suggestion Title
Runescape-esque wilderness area
Which realm does this suggestion apply to?
Auren, Besen, Caden

If you've ever played Runescape you would know that one of the most enjoyable things to do is go into the wilderness and kill players, and there's a good reason for this: the profit for doing it is immense. The current issue with pvp is nobody is very enticed to do it unless they have a natural affinity for it and want to flex on people, and one fix for that would be to make pvp profitable.

I understand that this idea would take a lot to implement, but the thought of it is fantastic. Picture this: a large area of land (I want to say 500x500-1000x1000 blocks) that is essentially a large pvp arena, but the catch is there's a hell of a lot more than just pvp that you can do there such as public mob grinders, valuable ores you can only spawn there that regenerate, and bosses that naturally spawn (as opposed to being an event) and drop items on the ground after being killed (ie: boss has 2 drops, 1 being guaranteed 15 diamonds plus a 90% chance for 100k note, 8% chance for random spawner, 1.9% chance for beacon, and a 0.1% chance for a random rank note) another implementation that would be necessary would be making it impossible to teleport out except for particular areas so that people aren't just teleporting out to save there valuables every chance they get. also maybe disable pearls.

Closing Thoughts
I'm not quite sure if I really articulated the concept clearly, but I can picture it pretty clearly and I think it would be a fantastic implementation as it would entice many players from new ones to the best of the best to go there and try to make money, which in turn would entice players to go there and pvp much more often.


+1 I'd love to see more of the "RPG" side of desteria.
Also yeah, the wilderness is quite boring with the only valuable thing to look for is loot crates so it'd be nice to have more things to do out there


This is awesome. Would love to see this done well. Would add a way bigger incentive to actually go to wilderness instead of just jumping into the random portal.


do you mean like bosses that spawn with no announcement, players just have to find them?
Correct, just like have a handful of bosses that spawn at certain spots at random intervals between like 5-10 minutes. maybe even add custom mobs that spawn everywhere that have decently valuable drops


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We have something similar to this in the works, although not quite like this. Will see if we can perhaps tweak the idea and see what Lemon has to say about it.


If you've never played Runescape or haven't in a long time, the old school wiki has lots of information about the activities inside the wilderness, you can read up on them here:
the article explains the bosses well
"Boss killing

A large group of players battling the Chaos Elemental.

A variety of unique, powerful bosses, such as the Chaos Elemental, are found within the Wilderness. These monsters are usually very tough and resilient, and are quite dangerous to reach to, due to the constant threat of player-killers. However, these bosses often have rare items drops that are generally highly valued amongst players, such as the Dragon pickaxe, and as such, are frequently fought."
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