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Suggestion - Neutral perms

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Suggestion Title
Neutral perms
Which realm does this suggestion apply to?
Auren, Besen, Caden

The feature of neutral perms is not very useful in fact it causes more harm and good I suggest removing or changing it my base was raided today entirely because of this feature I may have changed a setting and then some people can into my base as if it was unclaimed and took my spawners 8 villy to be precise so not only is this feature stupid it also caused me to loose my place of #3 on f top

I do not see any positive needs for this feature I preferred when neutral factions just couldn’t interact with your stuff but this feature is plain useless it is pretty much a weird way to troll people you change the damn setting and your base is raided without. Needing a cannon or anything else. I’m sure others agree with this statement this needs to be taken out it’s useless

Closing Thoughts
I hope we can all see how this feature has caused and will continue to cause problems I’ve already lost 32 mill worth of spawners to it and no one should have to go through that especially because of a dumb setting


I do agree that neutral perms are a bit useless. But they are set to off by default, you should have read what you were turning on before doing this. I think they should implement a 2nd verification option to when you disable or enable perms. Like "Are you sure you want to enable / disable the permission ____ this may effect your faction." Or something.
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