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Staff watching cheaters do whatever they want.

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  • Minecraft Username: wifeb34ter111
  • Realm or Service: Desteria (all)
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    Staff watching cheaters do whatever they want.
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    Sent yall a video the other day of a kid blatantly reach-hacking, he was constantly 5-blocking and he didnt even reset his sprint? you guys dont even take time to ss people? what u are doing right now is taking a **** on every single player on your server thats actually playing legit, this by letting hackers slide even though its obvious. I made a report as soon as the incident occured and still nothing happens, just sad and from the bottom of my heart i hope this server just dies because it will the way u treat is.

    This is not specificly about my incident with hackers but for the server overall.
  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    SS accused cheaters, invest in a decent ****ing anticheat, ur staff does not even know what a ****ing reach-hack looks like, its so sad i cant even put it in words.

    Just force everyone run lunar client or invest in a custom anticheat, not that complicated since its such a big server.
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    - according to staff its not even clear evidence, sad.
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Its not about this specific incident but in general there is so much cheaters its barely playable.
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