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Staff Team Recruits | Promotions | 2.2.18

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Forest Guardian

Hey there Desterians, this thread will include this months staff recruits&Promotions, please give a warm welcome to the following people joining the staff team

Emmymerh(Player) --> Helper
Cashz(Player) --> Helper

The following members have worked quite hard and proved to the management team once again that they are worthy of their position and have above and beyond showing us that they can do much more, please give these staff members a big congratulations

JustinKite(Helper) --> Mentor
iPintoBean(Moderator) --> Administrator

These staff members have worked quite hard within the team but have sadly left the team, or we had to let some go, I'd like to give thank you to these Ex-staff members

Fawnling #Resigned
Narwhalogy #Resigned
Starblaster030 #Resigned
Pedrex #Resigned
Alrea #Demoted

Additional info: After discussing things with the Management and the Training team we have decided to bring back the monthly waves instead of doing them every 15 days or so, the staff promotions can happen at anytime of the month as well as this will let us know who's dedicated to apply and who is willing to join us, for the ones that didn't get picked this wave or promoted please keep your chins up and keep on trying :)

Thank you, and see you all in March!

Management&Training Team
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