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Staff Team Promotions 1.1.18

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Greetings my lovelies, in this thread I'll be releasing the long waited staff promotions, some may have asked when is the new recruit wave coming out? Well I'll be making a separate wave for the recruits on the 15th of January purely because after talking to my staff team we felt like the best decision was to let the applicants simmer down a little bit as well it gives us (staff) a chance to watch them closely and evaluate them.
Hopefully that clears a few things up for you guys!

| Staff Team Promotions | - We felt like these people have been within the team for quite some time now and have excelled their current positions and have shown the Management team that they are ready to continue their journey on the staff team with a promotion, they have all worked hard to earn the promotions so please feel free to congratulate them!

Senrose(Helper) -> Mentor
Tyscreeper(Helper) -> Mentor

Bass(Mentor) -> Moderator
MelodicRose(Mentor) -> Moderator
PintoBean(Mentor) -> Moderator

We would also like to welcome our old&newly returned Administrator into his position, he has been an Admin before and we felt like he would be a great asset to the role again so please give him a warm welcome!

Jman(Moderator) -> Administrator

| Demotions & Resignations |

Breweyy (#resigned)

Breweyy worked hard within his helper role but felt like it was his time to go, we wish him the best of luck and hopefully he decides to return within the Team sometime in the future!

Thank you all,

Management Team.



Congrats to everyone
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