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Welcome everyone and mostly staff members! You are probably wondering what this thread is about, well, I have come to appreciate the things that our current staff team give to us to make our journey and adventure on Desteria safe and welcoming, they have come, they have been promoted, and they have been demoted or resigned. I am making this thread to address the current staff members on Desteria to give them my thanks and I hope you do to! Remember, if we didn't have these wonderful people, you wouldn't be playing Desteria and enjoying this wonderful server. Let's get started!

There are a lot of you guys on the team, a total of 23 of you! You guys help us and other players around us making them want to stay and make them feel welcomed! You guys most of the time deal with in-game problems, and forum problems no matter how drastic, you guys took so much time and dedication to get this far in your lives, with more work and effort, you guys will shine from a group of players and will end up in the promotion section on a staff wave and be promoted to the rank
Moderator. Keep up this excellent effort and hard work!

You guys have worked very hard to go from a
Helper to a hardworking moderator, you are the same as helpers almost, but you guys have more perks, you deal with more sophisticated issues such as rank donation issues, such as helping players who have an issue to find their way on getting it back, and reports, you guys have higher standards when working but all of you guys work very, very hard and none of you deserve to be demoted anytime soon, keep of the very hard work everyone!!

You guys work hard enough to become an administrator, you guys have higher access to stuff like the community emails, and other stuff. You guys handle reports and have the ability to track back logs and other stuff.
To be continued, I need to think.
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Helpers don't actually always deal with forums problems, as they have no permissions to lock threads or handle reported comments, with the exception of those on the review team.


Honestly, I wish I knew as much as you guys did, because I have yet to be propositioned to ONCE since I got hired as the Staff Manager.
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