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Spawners - F-Top Value, Grinding and Mechanics


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F-Top value:
Upon placing a spawner, your F-Top value will go up a certain amount every minute for that spawner. To determine this amount you can simply do /spawners in game where it will tell you how much value each spawner gains per minute. Remember, all spawner value is lost upon unclaiming, mining, or otherwise destroying a spawner. Remember to keep in mind that beacons, hoppers, and player money is no longer included in the F-Top calculation.

Disclaimer: Supplies Shop is accessible from level 55 onwards, whereas Bazaar is only accessible from level 85.

Tier 1
Value: $25,000 | Tokens 30 | F-Top/minute: $0.25
Pig: Manual Grinding
  • Cooked Porkchop: $0.30 | $19.2/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $0.38 | $24.32/stack
Sheep: Sheep/Cow Grinder
  • Cooked Mutton: $0.15 | $9.6/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $0.19 | $12.16/stack
  • Wool: $0.1 | $0.64/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $0.13 | $8.32/stack
Tier 2
Value: $75,000 | Tokens 120 | F-Top/minute: $0.74
Zombie: Dropper
  • Rotten Flesh: $2.4 | $153.6/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $3 | $192/stack
Skeleton: Dropper
  • Arrow: $0.75 | $48/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $0.94 | $60.16/stack
  • Bones: $1 | $64/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $1.25 | $80/stack
Cow: Sheep/Cow Grinder
  • Steak: $0.5 | $32/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $0.63 | $40.32/stack
  • Leather: $1.2 | $76.8/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $1.5 | $96/stack
Tier 3
Value: $750,000 | Tokens:700 | F-Top/minute: $7.44
Blaze: Manual Grinding
  • Blaze Rods: $8 | $512/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $10 | $640/stack
Creeper: Dropper
  • TNT: $12 | $768/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $15 | $960/stack
    • Creeper spawners are not usually recommended as a money source but rather as a source of TNT. Save the TNT you get from these spawners and use it for raiding later on.
Enderman: Dropper
  • Ender Pearls: $33 | $528/stack (of 16)
    • In Supplies Shop: $41.25 | $660/stack (of 16)
      Ender Pearls can also be useful for raiding and travel.
Tier 4
Value: $8,000,000 | F-Top/minute: $79.37
Zombie Pigman: Dropper
  • Gold Ingots: $175 | $11,200/stack
    • In Bazaar Shop: $262.5 | $16,800/stack
Iron Golem: IG Grinder
  • Iron Ingots: $60 | $3,840/stack
    • In Bazaar Shop: $90 | $5,760/stack
Villager: Dropper
  • Emeralds: $275 | $17,600/stack
    • In Bazaar Shop: $412.5 | $26,400/stack
Witch: Manual Grinding / Dropper
Cost: 500 Tokens | Value: $500,000 | F-Top/minute: $4.96
Witches can drop many items such as glowstone dust, gunpowder, redstone dust, sticks, glass bottles, spider eyes, and sugar. Although these items can be used for brewing, most aren't sellable, making for an inefficient dropper. Witch spawners are generally used to farm for tokens because they have the highest chance to drop them at 1/40. You can see this by typing "/tokens chance" in-game.​

Cave Spider / Spider: Manual Grinding
Value: $30,000 | F-Top/minute: $0.29
  • String: $0.49 | $31.36/stack
    • In Supplies Shop: $0.50 | $32/stack
  • Spider Eye: $0.6 | $38.4/stack
Spider spawners, while not sold in the shop, are still able to make you some money by manual grinding and can still make for great XP farms if you have a lot of them and not much money for other spawners. This will only be obtainable on realms that allow natural spawners.​

When making grinders there are several sorts to differentiate. Here we have listed manual grinders, droppers, Cow and Sheep grinders, and Iron Golem grinders.
Make sure to find the appropriate grinder for your spawner as there is usually only one ideal grinder for each spawner for maximum efficiency.

Manual Grinders:
Manual Grinders are needed for mobs that you will grind by your hand. This will exclude passive mobs. Essentially, what you want to achieve is using a water flow system to move all the spawned mobs into one spot from where you can easily hit them.
Recommended Spawners: Blaze, Witch (for Tokens), Skeleton, Zombie.

Building: This is how you should set up the water system for your grinder. The red arrows point out the places where you will have to place water. It will move all the mobs towards the middle so that they are neatly collected in one spot for you to grind. The packed ice is placed down on the floor in order to make the mobs move quicker, however, this is an optional step. This is the hole you make for the mobs to drop into, put down signs here if your water is too close so that it does not cover the hole. This should be your collection system. Once the mobs have fallen down here you can hit them here for them to die. Once again the chests are optional but are useful to collect more drops if your inventory is already full. Here is an ideal layout for the spawners being placed down. Make sure there is a minimum of two blocks space between the spawners on the X and Z-axis. However, Y-axis does not matter in this case but make sure to not make it too high as mobs won’t spawn if you’re too far away (max 16 blocks).
The obsidian is placed down to make c-egging the spawners harder for your enemies. Alternatively, you could leave those out apart from the very top obsidian blocks as they are needed to stop the mobs from spawning outside the box.

The recommended design for this type of grinder would be one chunk in X and Z value (16 by 16) and about 18 blocks max in height. That will hold around 64 spawners if obsidian is included and 128 without obsidian. You can customize sizes and water flow to your liking.

General Droppers:
Drop grinders can be used while AFK and are thus very useful for an automatic money source. Most important here is that you build the dropper high enough.
Recommended spawners: Zombie Pigman, Villager, Enderman, and Creeper. The spawners that are most recommended for income are Zombie Pigman and Villager spawners.

Building: Here you can see an example of a water system for a dropper grinder. The water is used to push the drops down until they land on a hopper from where it’s taken into the chest. Alternating between the y value place down walls in a pattern like this so they cover up the entire floor above the water. This is where the mobs will fall onto and die from the fall damage. The drops will then fall through the gaps between the walls and move down into your collection system. In the end, you will want your floor to look like this This is an example of how your spawners should be set up. Once again, make sure to put at least one obsidian block at the top to stop the mobs from spawning anywhere outside the box. Obsidian in between the spawners is not needed here as it’s already hard enough to use creeper eggs. When placing down spawners in this system it’s important to leave enough space between the spawners and the drop collection at the bottom. The recommended height for these droppers is a minimum of 48 blocks between the bottom spawners and the very bottom walls (or hoppers). This will ensure that all mobs are killed by the height. If you want to place down multiple spawners make sure to leave enough space in the beginning and possibly start your spawners area about 50-60 blocks above the collection area. This is an example of an alternative floor using only hoppers. This can be useful for when you are already set up quite well and don’t want to set up a water system. When finished, the structure should look similar to this: The enchantment tables on top of the hoppers are optional but will provide additional protection against c-eggs as the tables have the same properties as obsidian and as a slab. As the last example, this is also a decent way of making a drop grinder as it leaves you with a lot of space below the spawn area. All you will need is a water system to move the mobs into a small space for them to drop down. At the bottom of that dropper will be a small collection system such as this:

Sheep / Cow Grinder:
As the name implies the following grinder is designed only for cow and sheep spawners. This is the only grinder possible to be made for passive mobs as cows and sheep have a height of two blocks and are therefore possible to be pushed down into a grinder system using pistons.
Recommended spawners: Cow, Sheep

Building: This is one of the most important parts of the dropper system as you will need to place down signs with lava above them. The signs will ensure the lava only stays on one Y level so that it will kill and damage the mobs without destroying the items that they will drop. This picture shows an example of how the redstone is set up on these grinders. You can infinitely stack this up and to the side until the build limit is reached ( You need to take into consideration the amount of alt accounts it would take to AFK this grinder and set it up according to your resources.
How this setup works, is that the cows/sheep will spawn on the grass that you have placed down (No other block will work here. It has to be grass) and the mob will activate the pressure plate on it. This pressure plate will send a signal into the piston which will push the mob off the edge into the dropper. From there the mob will fall into the lava and die from the fire. This way the meat dropped will also turn out cooked and ready to be sold.

Iron Golem Grinder:
Once again this kind of grinder is only for a specific type of mob. Iron golems have a special hitbox as they are 2 blocks wide and 3 blocks tall. They also have a ridiculous amount of health which is why a drop grinder will not kill them. Therefore a lava system needs to be used in order to kill them and collect their drops.
Recommended spawners: Iron Golem

Building: This screenshot sums up the perfect example of a simple iron golem spawner. A water system will move the Iron Golem mobs into one collection area where they will drop into. There, it is important that the floor where they will be standing has a two-block space above the hopper and then lava on the third block. Signs in between ensure that the lava doesn’t flow onto the hoppers and won’t destroy the drops (on Auren only). The lava will damage the Iron Golem but once it dies the drops will go safely into the hoppers and collect to wherever you are connecting them to. This is an alternative way of making an Iron Golem grinder. The Iron Golems will spawn at the top and take some fall damage, then die from the lava. This will kill them faster than the above method and is thus more efficient; Once again, make sure that there is a two-block space between the hoppers and the lava.

Additional notes and facts:
-Spawning will only work if a player is in a 16 block radius of the spawner. To help with this you can make a simple AFK pool. For examples + how to make the AFK pool, click here.

-To properly AFK a large grinder or farm you need multiple alts within range. Using console client to log in alts is a decent way to AFK spawners. Click here for a guide by Bonfiyah on how to set up console client. An advantage in using console client (or OQMinebot, which you can obtain via purchase) is that accounts logged on via the client will not fall and can, therefore, fly up in the air next to the spawners.

-On Desteria, aggressive mobs don't spawn naturally in the wild, but you may occasionally see passive mobs that have been spawned in only at the start of the map.

-Passive mobs need light levels of 9+ to spawn, and won't spawn on water or air (Glowstone and torches can be used for light sources). All passive mobs need grass to spawn on.

-Natural spawners are disabled on some realms so that makes Spider spawners not possible to be obtained on those realms.

-When designing your base you might want to consider placing Creeper spawners at the bottom so that the Creepers cant be used to blow up any other spawners.

Thanks to @Laney and @Emmymerh for the original creation of these threads, as well as @JustinKite for proof reading.
Additional thanks to everyone else who helped me with this guide. The immense help in building the grinders made this entire guide possible.


Can I suggest that this be edited to include any special spawning conditions, like sheep spawners requiring grass blocks for sheep to spawn on, and any other conditions I don't know


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Can I suggest that this be edited to include any special spawning conditions, like sheep spawners requiring grass blocks for sheep to spawn on, and any other conditions I don't know
You can read about most of this in the Notes at the bottom. Example:
-Passive mobs need light levels of 9+ to spawn, and won't spawn on water or air (Glowstone and torches can be used for light sources). All passive mobs need grass to spawn on.