Rollback 11/02/2018

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    Aug 18, 2016
    Greetings Desterians.

    As of today's auto reboots, a broken jar was deployed for spawner generators. This resulted in spawners being generated in ~5 seconds instead of 1 hour - negatively impacting the server's economy.

    We found out within the hour of the bugged version being loaded and took the faction realms offline.

    Krynn, Sepre, Eldyn, Lyren, and Zulen are currently restoring from a 4:30 AM EST backup (approx. 2 hours ago from when this is posted).

    The ETA for reverting the realms is 1 hour.

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    Expecting another ~20 minutes before the backup is complete.
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    All realms have been restored. Rollbacks are complete.
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