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Hey lovelies,

Will keep this as short as possible and just explain briefly why I left the staff team

Firstly people may ask Leins are you coming back at all or no? The answer to that is yes I will, I mainly resigned due to me having full hands of stuff to do with college and whatnot which brought my main focus on irl way more then Desteria, my hours started to go down drastically and I just didn't think that was acceptable to have as an Administrator and knowing that won't chance for a few months now I figured that i'd resign for the time being and come back whenever I can dedicate more time to the network :)

If anyone wants to chat with me still ill be on Discord from time to time and mainly on forums.

For now, have a safe one and I love you all

@Ariana - Supported me through thick and thin so much love goes out to her.

@Everyone else massive shoutout for being there for me also
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Edddddd ;(((((((( you were one of the very few good staff on this team now and you leaving the team will hurt a lot for them. we still better talk cutie. even though i dont play in game anymore and hardly come on forums anymore, you better come back to the team !!!
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Bye, Ed. We go back a long time. I knew you when you were just a helper, back in 3.0, when we used to have those late-night convos with @iTomGoDz lol. You were always there for me, and you still are <3. Take care, my dude. Kick college's ass. Love you, my man.


Will miss you leins, I hope you come back. You were a great addition to the team and it sucks to see you go : (. I may have not gotten along so greatly with you after my ban, but you were a good person. I hope to see you in the long run, pce my dude. : )
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