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Remove or Change the small things...


Essential Information
  • Minecraft Username: MajesticMuffin
  • Realm or Service: Desteria (all)
Suggestion Information
  • Thread Title:
    Remove or Change the small things...
  • Description:
    When I say small things I'm talking about...
    - Removing the "Godly Kits" icon from /kits
    - Removing The perm 75% sale because sooner or later someone is gonna sue for some easy money
    - Removing the constant announcements in chat to buy the monthly crate
    - Getting lemon to stop sending people his address when sending payout
    - Making the 1.5/1.55 sell wands and Godly keys sell wands worth buying in the store
    - Making the Trench Picks at least efficiency 10
    - Getting rid of Money Shipments, McMMO Credits, Tokens, Boss Flares, and Harvestor Hoes (until there's cane eco) in the Store
    - Making the ranks on store affordable by children, for example (in USD), Scout- $1 // Explorer- $5 // Hunter- $15 // Paladin- $25 // Titan- $30 // Divine- $20 // Divine+- $100
  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    This would improve the quality of life and making things less p2w and scammy if someone wants to buy something off the store. This would also allow children 12 and under to ask their mom for money to buy a 5 dollar rank to mine his 2 pig spawners.
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This and updating stuff such as the level rewards (where you can still get /bazaar and /supplies) also I think that making ranks cheaper is a really good idea due to the fact that anyone can get a rank if they grind enough for keys, especially when server is dead.
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and the anti-raid alerts thread that muffin made ^


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I like some of the things you are talking about and it will defiantly be a good talking point for an upcoming content meeting. The little things in desteria that change can often cause a massive effect on the server so we have to make sure we are making the right changes. The ranks you have suggested are too cheap in my opinion yes they could help new people starting but with the number of ranks won ingame these days there is no need. With the price structure, you recommended it would effectively fold the ranks into 3 groups. Hunter / titan / divine + as there would be no logical sense to by any of the others and most of the lower ones are split by 5 - 10 dollars


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Content Team
Pros -

Godly kits icon - Cleans up the GUI
1.5x Sell wands - More people will buy them, currently out of reach of any sane person.
Trench Picks at eff 10 - Makes trenching easier and less annoying and time consuming.


1.5x sell wands - already in monthly crates.


Make trench picks insta break stone with haste 2 but not without.
Make trench picks progressive in efficiency based on thier level/blocks broken.