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    Where do I start in Factions?

    The first thing to do would be to make your own Faction - using /f create. As it’s Desty, I would advise gathering up some trustworthy friends and creating a faction early next reset. (MAKE SURE TO VOTE) . Second, try and find at least one other user you’ll be creating your faction with, it’s good to have a Moderator, or at least a Member to run around with to help you with the job of setting up your first base (Walls, floors, etc.) Once you have found that member, use /f invite (player name), and use /f mod (player name) if you feel you trust them enough to consider them as an Moderator. (Note: Moderators have access to more Faction commands than Members; Moderator have access to /f invite, /f kick, etc, normal Members do not). Having now picked up at least one other member, your Faction will be able to claim up to 20 chunks of land (assuming you’re all at maximum power; this will be discussed in more detail later). Use as much of this power as you need to claim the land that will eventually become your base. However, it is good to save at least some of your power to serve as a buffer if you or your faction members are ever killed. As a goal for yourself, try to always be aware of your land/power ratio. Having found land for your first base, use /f claim to claim a couple of chunks of the surrounding area, and get to work on your first storage house for your items! From this point on your next major goals will be expansion of your faction, and raiding.


    In the raiding world there are two major categories and two major goals to keep in mind: Defense of your own base/Your personal strategy of how to destroy that of any other Faction. Throughout the remainder of this guide, I’ll be making it my goal to hopefully give you some ideas as to how you can customize your own base to make it as difficult to raid as possible, and how you can go about busting down the walls of whichever unlucky-faction finds itself on the barrel end of your first cannon.

    Preparation To Raiding and Cannoning
    TnT is not affected by Minecraft gravity. To shoot TnT from a cannon, you must first transform it into an entity; lighting it. And then launch it with another tnt block. Then, you can prepare bigger quantities of TnT and launch them with sand and what-not.

    Filtration Methods

    While creating trenches for your base is a must, and will definitely help you, there is naturally a cannon mechanic that can override your defenses - and in time, destroy them. Think of base defense as the mitigation of the destruction a cannon can cause, and when cannoning, think for the easiest method to bust open the enemy base, using the least amount of time/energy. If your trenches and slabs are effectively removed from play/bypassed, you’ll have to rely now solely on your walls. Earlier in the Sand Stacking section, I described the importance of having a backboard for your sand/TnT entities to hit and bounce off of. The next type of defense will abuse this weakness of cannons’ needing a backboard.

    Flat defensive walls mean little, as they can be easily used as a backboard. However, there are ways to generate different types of walls that can be much more of a pain to cannon. Some examples of these types of walls are: “Anti-Hybrid Walls”, “Honeycomb Walls”, “Pancake Walls”, “Triple Filters”, and “Cuts”. When you progress to larger factions, you’ll hear these regularly.

    In the cannoning world, there are three main echelons of cannoning. The first of course, being the “noob” cannon. A simple, small device; it doesn’t consist of much more than a few blocks of cobblestone/redstone and TnT. It provides little control, inaccurate shots, and only small explosion power. While it will get the job done on a close range, unwatered wall, it won’t be able to handle much else. Once you’ve figured out how to make one of these cannons work, you can start really moving into the more popularly used cannons. The next step up from a noob cannon is a simple “Lein”. This cannon gets it’s name from an abbreviation of the name of the user who originally released the full scale “Leindarcher”, to be spoken on later. A Lein is capable of firing TnT farther, faster, and will slightly more accuracy - while also being able to fire multiple TnT at once, as well as even firing sand. The major downside of the Lein however, is the velocity at which it fires it’s TnT and Sand - as well as it’s accuracy. While better than that of the noob cannon, it is still extremely lacking in comparison to that of it’s superior - the full Leindarcher.

    The Leindarcher is where you’re at when you consider yourself someone actually capable of cannoning; it can handle MOST any wall - the only downside effectively being that other, larger, more powerful cannons will be able to create the same result, faster. The Leindarcher is the perfect transition-cannon for a newer user whom has begun to understand TnT and cannoning mechanics, but however is still intimidated by the massive multi-chunk cannons. The Leindarcher has it’s chief difference from the smaller “Lein” variation in it’s accuracy, and more importantly, the presence of a “hammer” on the cannon. I’ll go into more detail upon this feature, and all others of the Leindarcher in a lower section - as this will be the cannon I’ll be focusing on the for purpose of this guide. After having overviewed it, I will briefly speak on other variations and other larger more powerful cannons, but in all honestly - there isn’t much more I can speak on with experience beyond this cannon

    Advanced Cannoning

    I will speak less on these techs, as in all honesty, I haven’t spent enough time working on/with these cannons to be able to speak with experience as to their design. Hopefully at least with these concepts in mind, you can blow a hole in that salty kid’s base with your brand-new cannon tech.

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    Credits to finalsalvo. He did some of the review and correction :) (and some typing).
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    Might add some pics and a part 2, LMK if you want it :)
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    this thread shouldve been made 4 years ago, because thats when any of this wouldve been actually relevant
    the last time i heard the word leindarcher i was in the 6th grade and i was playing on gontroller
    quick tips:
    none of the filters you listed are in use anymore (except triple "filters" which are actually triple obbies) and cuts aren't filters, just cuts in the walls which can be horizontal/vertical to stop revnuking, wallremovers, rev lefties, etc
    ive been out for a while but the latest cannons ive seen people working on are cubic fusions (para v4) and ag
    anyway decent thread, needs updated
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    You need a part two, where you talk more of walls and grinders and farms
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    This [sounds like] the kind of guide I need. Except I can't read it. Pls, those colors..
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    This guide is really helpful for new minecrafters. Great Thread
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