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I started typing this thread originally as something of a rant thread but the more and more I looked at all the shady **** Ambushment has pulled I'm even more convinced of dipping. So yeah, here I am typing what I didn't think I'd type for a long time.

Part 1: Rant

Yes I know there are dozens and dozens of these so far but I feel like there should be more understanding from the community from a staff member's point of view. JMan and Porridge already covered this but JMan's opinion wasn't given nearly enough attention and Porridge was demoted for speaking out.

Now I'm not here to bash anyone but simply state my opinion with a couple facts to back them up.

No this isn't a cry for attention, and it's not me jumping on the ambushment hating band wagon. I've tolerated what's been going on within the "inner circle" for a while now and it's just tiring. It sucks when you're left out of the loop, and the thing is it's not even just helper, mod, admins etc, even Eraze wasn't aware of lots of things that Ambushment had been planning until they were right smack infront of his face.

You may be asking "If you dislike the state of Desteria so much why not just leave". The simple answer is because I've enjoyed Desteria's gameplay, the thing that's mattered most to me during my time as staff. With 7.0 coming I really did feel like things were going to change for the better and for one reason or another I feel like it's not too late to fix a lot of issues we currently have.

So multiple reports of discouragements have been made, after confronting Ambushment regarding this appeal: he made the comment saying "Not sure bud, I haven't given out any discourages as of late. We're no longer using discourages on Xenforo, there's no appeal system for it.

Please check your latency or try pinging directly." then follows up with "Not lying here bud, I'll tag @Eraze if that helps.

We don't provide appeals for discourages -- locking this thread for the time being." So the big man has no idea what's going on right? Wrong. I believe a couple days after that post, I was approached by a player showing me this video:
Now see, just the fact that the user was discouraged is the least of my concerns, I'm wondering why Alex chose to lie to a) His players b) His staff team and c) His ****ing Co-Owner (as you can see here: he had no idea that this was even happening.

The day Ambushment came back he held a meeting, in said meeting I asked him how the progress on the implementation of screensharing was going and at first he has no idea it was even being added, then without even discussing the situation with Ben proceeded to call the idea "completely stupid" and out of the question. Now recently it seems like he's changed his mind to an extent and is somewhat open to the idea but it doesn't seem like it'll be implemented any time soon as they're working on "other things" what other things? Unless it's just another thing they don't tell their staff members I don't see anything being added, no KOTH, no cannons, no practice, no events, nothing. All the guy has to show over the past couple of weeks is him out partying on his snapchat. What happened to the "We're going to be online all the time! And who's knows, maybe we'll even be playing!". Now before some of you start going on about "oh well I don't see Eraze on either?!1?1" check again bud:

Now let's see how active our pal money bags is in staff chat shall we? Literally the only person that's had less messages than Ambushment is the system dev who needs little to no direct connection to the staff team but instead only management. Alex has literally only written 6 messages in staff chat. Before you start calling Eraze out, take a look at this: going strong with more messages than a pretty big handful of mods and helpers.

Apparently even Mikayla has no clue what's been going one with Ambushment since he doesn't answer her messages of all people.

I respect the **** out Eraze and some of the other staff members but **** I'm not going to help put anymore money in mister nip slip's pockets.

Part 2: Bored

What a surprise, another player who's gotten bored of Desteria. Honestly, I was pretty hyped for 7.5 after being promised all the cool new additions but where they at tho? I'm bored, can hardly raid, no risk of getting raided to add some excitement, pvp is on an all time low. I've literally been running around wild in the same kit of p4 for the past week and I'm in Outlines, that's literally ****ing unheard of.

The reason I applied for staff in the first place was because I enjoyed the gameplay, the reason why I haven't left the team until now was because I enjoyed the gameplay. I played factions as a staff member and countless people can vouch this, I don't want to do something that I no longer enjoy.

Part 3: Time

In this current state of time I really don't spend enough of my day going through reports, appeals, in game, leading the PRG and more. I've been in search of a house for the past two weeks and now I'm moving on the 22nd until the 26th, five days after that I'll be going on vacation for a week. Furthermore, junior year is starting and I'm hoping to be able to get early admission to my university of choice so that means a lot more time trying to get up my already **** average and not as much time playing video games. Of course it's pretty early to predict as of right now how much workload I'll get but I don't think it'll be enough for me to be able to sustain a solid level of activity.

Part 4: Understanding and supportive colleagues.

This parts a little shoutout to you kind individuals who've made my time as a staff member that much better! <3 (LOL SIKE XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD)

Throughout my time as a staff member I've seen the following;

•Our very own @Alpha calling the idea of screensharing "******ed" because screensharing is meant for "pvp servers" (quick shoutout to my boy @SelenaGomez for pointing out the IP of our great server;

•Staff talking **** about people who resign literally seconds after they leave the chat. Looking at you Lucy and and Yvette.

•Threatening suicide (amongst other things >_>) when you don't get to be in charge of the PRG.

•Openly admitting you ride **** to get where you are as a staff member.

And much, much more folks yes indeed !

Part 5: ****ty Staff System.

Helper is treated as a trial rank, fair enough. I was helper for two months, can be seen as enough for a trial phase not bad. Then on the other hand we see people going 4-5 maybe even more months staying in this so called "trial position" tf? If it's a trial position and they've stayed there for 5 months then by definition that should mean they're not ready to be on the staff team (not saying that this is true just that this is what the system should mean). When you finally get that promotion to moderator you think you're finally going to be heard, you're finally going to be making a direct impact on the server... SIKE. Non-reviewer moderators have access to the following commands;
•/Alts (scans IP for muting purposes, isn't reliable as it bugs out a **** ton)
•/ban (only to be used when there are advertisers in chat, nothing hack related as that's reviewer only)
•Then you got your chat only helper commands
•And finally you can lock threads and ban users from the shoutbox on the forums.

Seeing as there's only one team, basically any mods who isn't on there only has commands equivalent to a chat mod.

Now here's a little reviewer rant. We have so little perms it's absolutely insane. Ya there are trust issues I get that, but there are some very basic and simple commands that really can't be abused if implemented with a well thought out system. Do you know how hard it is to go and record someone at Wild while wearing a noob kit and getting targeted from every skid in a 1000 block radius? It pisses me off every time I go to FFA and some kid says my name in chat because I don't have vanish and the hacker toggles and I can't even as the guy.

There are currently 4 reviewers and the head of the reviewer team (well now that glor is back two heads I guess). That's not nearly enough people. There's an average of 400 people on at a time, that means each reviewer would have to moderate a mass of 100 people on their own considering all the reviewers would be online at once with only 2 people supervising everything.

Separate those who're more interested in the community and chat and those who're interested in the reviewer team when hiring applicants. With our low numbers it's just that much easier to make flaws here and there which cause the community to make a huge deal out of. (But seriously guys take it easy on the reviewer team, it's stupid how many messages they get in game and forums regarding reports, appeals etc etc)

Part 6: Confessions.

•During late night skype calls with @Cade I'd check and see if FFA was empty and if it was I'd go and lock/clear chat because it made me feel better about myself XDXDXDXDXDXD

•I once banned myself to see if it was possible...

@Scuff helped my block glitch my way through parkour during 6.0, a few months before I got staff.

•In 5.0 I threatened to DDoS @DivineFame (as a joke but that doesn't matter) whilst him and @SelenaGomez were on the realm, neither of them did anything though since I guess they knew I was kidding? Idk...

•I play FFA on my alt a lot cause it's funny as **** seeing these people who are actually chill with me, hackusating and raging at me. (Whoever thinks I hack must be some doo doo)

Part 7: Funny ****

Part 8: Shoutouts

(Sorry right now if I forget anyone, I low key have Alzheimers k thanks)
(Also it's not in any order k thanks)

@TheLoneWulf1 for being there for there for me the longest.

@Cade for being my best friend on this place, ****ing goat ****in lookin ass.

@Mia for mentoring me and making my wave that much more special. You already know how much you mean to me so why write it here.

@Omen and @Fluffy for basically being the sole reasons I'm not only a mod and a reviewer but staff in the first place.

@BadChris for being the biggest ****, ****boy, asshat memer I could ask for.

@n8te, @Vehqzi and @CenterField for being some of the only none booty theos players, you guys are v chill, keep in touch.

@Ryan1998 for making my time in Outlines that much more enjoyable during my time as staff, you advocated for me when I just joined the fraction and were an amazing leader from there.

@OutlinesFraction You lads are the biggest group of ****ters I've ever had the pleasure of knowing but I love every single on of you, I don't give a rats ass what anyone says you guys are the chilliest hoodrats I know and you helped realize what factions gameplay can really be like. Still sticking around on ts and discord all the time so don't think you're getting away from my bomber ass that easily.

@Drego/KrynnLads Honestly anyone who says Drego/Krynn is the worst realm and try to avoid it clearly haven't spent enough time to get to know the community. You guys seriously made me enjoy my time as staff that much more. From the absolutely hilarious bants to the huge faction fights. Krynn gang gang

@Nathan, @DisneyPixar ASS till the end my boys.

@Namurox for being the realest staff member Desteria's ever seen, you've been an inspiration for me from the start Aaron, love you my dude.

@Brexit For helping me be less of a robo like that other Aelin skid and spending all that time trying to get me an og name. Sorry I went with this cringe instead :[ Still one of my favorite free loaders, hyper.
Edit: You're banned while I'm making this ;-;

@Igneo Everyone has that one black friend, you're chill as **** and I'm glad you don't hate me cause of rekteroni anymore.

@vtaly Was really fun talking to you almost everyday a couple months ago. Glad ****s going well for you IRL.

@kikalooski The amount of times I've poke restricted you is honestly ******ed. You're cool though c;

@JMan ****ing love you dude, glad to have had you as a friend. The amount of laughs I've had with you is insane. You've listened to my rants and I've listened to yours. Was fun co-leading the PRG with you even if you gave up your spot :(

@Brandon for showing me how forcefield works c;

@Corbett Actually the funniest dude ever, you're great Noah, glad you're back. Hope everything's going okay with you at home man.

@Champ_7 @MLBeast @JapaneseLatino The memories I've made with you lads here are amazing, was great being in a fraction with you lad in 5.0, sorry for being an annoying **** and kicking you guys all the time 8^)

@MelodicRose Sorry for everything we've been through, you're honestly a great friend and don't deserve the **** you get sometimes. Thanks for listening to me when I needed you. I'm always around if you'd like to talk c:

@Atomics You're never gonna read this probably but your shoes taste great, ngl.

@Catie Q-Tip

@YungHomer Being the most Canadian mother ****er I know, honestly you're funny as hell xd We should keep in touch man

@Zack needed someone to pass the **** I know onto, you'll go far here I know you will. Keep up the good work, you're doing great.

@ReviewerTeam Loved being apart of the team, one of my favorite parts of being staff. Sorry if this is a bad time for me to leave but you gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck with everything.

@StaffTeam Lighten up a bit, don't be afraid to pop a meme here or there, it really won't hurt you. Oh and stop being fake ****s who talk **** as soon as someone leaves :^)

@FutureApplicants Run while you still can, nah fr though be honest with yourself on why you're applying and make sure you know what you're getting into before dedicating yourselves to the position.

@Z-ONE Most hardworking staff member I've ever met holy ****, hurry up and promote this guy ffs, give him ambushment's job for all I care.

@Omega Thanks for giving me a shot dude, sorry if I let you down, honestly enjoyed getting roasted all those times was really good bants. Sorry for being so annoying x)

@Eraze Best thing that happened to Desteria since ambush quit, seriously an amazing owner and he doesn't deserve nearly as much of the **** you guys give him honestly. I'll always think of you when I'm ****ting Ben.

Part 9: Surprise !!
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Ayyyy lmao.

Catch ya around mate, you already know my thoughts on this crap so I aint gonna bother typing it out again for the billionth time.

Best of luck to ya tho. pce.

•I once banned myself to see if it was possible...
Can confirm.


You are amazing, don't forget that. One of the few real people on that team and they're losing a wonderful reviewer as well. Thank you for the good times and for being one of few people i consider to be close to. I appreciate everything! Gonna poke you a lot *-*
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