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November Voting Rewards and Christmas Event Update!

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Hello hello, Desteria! What a month! November has positively flown past, and we draw close to the days of sleigh-bells and cheery lights. December marks the beginning of tremendous changes and updates for our forests - although today's announcement will be a small one. Best of luck on finals, those who have them, and a very early happy holidays to all!

Vote Reset
As always, a massive thanks to all who have been loyally voting away to keep our server at the very top. Congratulations to all our new voting champs!

LeyseAnton [136] | Necr0maNceR [136] | Suddenduck [135] | Diamond_Cat [131]
Robert39 [130] | DutchTroller [129] | Wrath_ [125] | BlazzingBlocks [124]
TrueXC [122] | UghvonAutsch [120]

The players above will be sent a coupon code - if you do not receive your code within 24 hours, I most likely was unable to find match your username to your forum account, or may have missed it while opening ten tabs to send the messages at once. Do send me a PM with proof of your minecraft username. Keep voting, everyone, and once more, you have our gratitude for your support.

Christmas Event Updates
In an announcement a week before today, we briefly covered the Christmas event - but it was not done justice and raised many questions. Here will be the clarifications that all you brave adventurers might be wondering about.

Firstly, I'd like to thank the following staff members for toiling so hard on the arena! I must say that it's one of the most gorgeous event builds I've seen in a good while.

Now, for the details of the event:
This Saturday, at exactly 12.00PM mid-day (, players will gain permissions to /warp event, and teleport into the arena. The event itself will be PvP, but will also incorporate massive amounts of parkour - players will have to be nimble to scale the towering tree and get all the goodies!

The map will be available to teleport to for a good month, but do take note that many items will be unique and seasonal - if you wait too long, you'll never get to see others quite like them! There are about 20 chests hidden deep in the leaves, and fortune is on one's side for the season, one might get a couple without being shot down.

All commands will be disabled within the arena to prevent bugs or exploits. /spawn and messaging commands are the only ones permitted. A huge Happy Christmas from the team!

Comments Winner
On each announcement made, a random commenter is chosen at the end of the next announcement. The winner receives a $50.00 USD voucher code usable on our store. Multiple comments can be made (infinitely), so long as they are not spamming / irrelevant; those comments will be removed without notice, and further spam will result in exclusion from the event. Start commenting, the next winner will be picked in the next announcement post!

Last Announcement Winner: @FluffReborn

(User will been inboxed privately with code)
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