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my inTroDucion


Most of you may not know me because I only joined 5 years ago and I never speak but I hope to get to know you all more in game I play 20 hours a day so you'll see plenty of me

tHinks I like:

Fighting games: minecraft #1 fighting game no skill cap makes the game incredibly hard to master easy to pick up

Anime: I love drawing and anime is like moving drawings but with massive animated tits check out my anilist here to see about half of what ive seen

Clicking games: Minecraft my click speed is faster than everyones age on this server OSU is another clike game i play you click circles to anime songs and edm songs sometimes metal its phun sometimes

smash bros:ranked #60 NA i am best i like watching competitive smash melee and ultimate

Gfuel: gamer juice fuels my calfine adiktion without the bad taste of kohi
im not addicted so dont ask

thanKs for getting to know me better I have a youtube channel where I want to post videos on here heres my cahnnel before i go thanks again!!!!
This post is half serious half not
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Welcome back? Just welcome?

Idk man you’ve been here for 5 years.

Hope to play with you on Drego soon :)