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March DP, Flawless Cannoning & Trenching Cores!

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Greetings Desterians
A new month has started so it's time for some updates!

NEW: March DP

This month's Desteria Package is here! And it's been buffed!

Containing only the best of the best loot, our March Desteria Package is filled with awesome rewards:

An unmissable, limited-edition February DP, guaranteeing you the following rewards:
  • March Gang role in the Discord server - you must enter your username with ID before checkout (example: iLemon #0001)
  • [MarchGang] in-game title
  • $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 in-game cash
  • 500-1000 Tokens
  • Looting 5 Diamond Sword
  • 32x Enchanted Golden Apples
  • 16-32x Hoppers
  • 3x Rename Scrolls
  • 5x Zombie Pigman Spawners
  • 10x Iron Golem Spawners
Plus receive one OP reward, either:
  • Unlimited Chest Sell Wand
  • 3x Legendary Supply Crates
  • March 2019 Desteria Package
The March DP is now available for one month only at

Limited to one per IGN on only one realm.

NEW: Flawless Cannons & Improved Performance
We've installed the best cannoning fixes out there!

After a long time running with some broken cannons and performance flaws, we invested in the best server software out there (created by the guy from 'gontroller' and currently running on 'vanitymc')

This means most if not all cannons will function on Desteria - including ~1s cannons (we will hold discussions with the community about setting limits as cannons have suddenly become very effective)

With all this, the server now runs stable at 20 TPS. We've also patched a performance flaw which caused the servers to lag after a reboot.

The new server software is now live on Auren, Besen, Caden and the Cannon realm for testing your cannons.

NEW: Trenching Cores
A new item powerful enough to instantly destroy an entire chunk
Over the past couple days we've created a cool new item named a 'Trenching Core'. This new item has not yet released, however, we are currently running a poll on whether to release this now or at the beginning of Season 2 (which begins on March 30th)

Please vote on the poll here:

Alex (iLemon)
This looks sickkkkkk
Why would they update their entire cannon jar if the tps numbers were fake what?

Also auren is ded af. No ones raiding. Also besen requires a lot more that's why the tps drops.
Damnnnnnnnn! That looks mad


been a long time since i last played but it seems like floating barrel cannons stopped working.. either that or im rusty af
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