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LMFAO Yea nah time to dipset.

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As the title suggests its time to legit quit this trash excuse of a server.

@Savannah - thanks to some help from some people I now got your irl **** so yea expect a visit ya ****ing ****....

@JustinKite - I see you mf with saying eGirlDaddy "wasnt using anti kb" you must be either drunk or have been smoking some good ****.

@Omega - your community has spoken up about how they feel you do your job so listen to them and stop being a pathetic waste of space...

@iLemon - Lowkey already have said this to you several ****in times as has your community you "care" about... Pull your head out of your ass and actually start listening to what your community wants and doesnt want. And for the love of whatever god exists fix your god damn staff team even if you have to drag more of your staff over from LemonCloud like you currently have done with @BosnianDrxgon there STAFF on LC btw...

Then ****in do it.

To the rest of you sparkling gems of humanity hope you all can quit this **** to for good trust me it will do wonders for your health XD

LATA *****ES!
I haven’t really had an interest in joining the staff team on Desteria. I joined her with several other friends to try and see what it’s like to challenge other factions here.


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This post is being locked simply because it does nothing but aim to cause issues and conflict. If you want to criticize, please do it in a constructive manner.

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