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Is there a way to AFK multiple chunks with an Alt?

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I placed 3 sets of 12 sugar cane reeds in different chunks with crop hoppers - One set of crops in the same chunk as my afk alt (A), one set of crops two chunks away from the alt horizontally (B), and the last set was two chunks away from the alt diagonally (C). All crops were placed within the span of a few min.

Chunk A’s output: 172 items
Chunk B’s output: 122 items
Chunk C’s output: 78 items
Sample size (12 reeds per chunk) was far too small to give accurate data given the random ticks can be applied to any block in the chunk. A more accurate measure would be to fill a 16x16x16 area with cane farm in each chunk and let it run for an hour. Each 16x16x16 chunk gets the random tick 3 times per game tick, so you would need to make sure the 16x16x16 cuboid was in the same y-chunk for accurate reporting.
I guess u can make a bigger afk pool that goes throught the chunks (wont work w/ too many) but otherwise that might work worth giving a try atleast Good Luck
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