Increase XP reimbursed from custom enchantment books

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Should the amount of XP returned from books be increased

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  1. Zack

    Zack Overlord

    Jun 5, 2016
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    This thread introduced us to the reimbursement system on Ceira. I personally love the new area in spawn devoted to the custom enchantments, and I love the idea of reimbursing XP for books you don't want or need. However, I feel that the % of XP given back to the user is far to low.

    Here's an actual example for you guys:
    Earlier today I purchased a Common Tier Book, which costs 2,500 XP. I opened the book and received an enchantment I did not wish to have. Upon throwing the enchantment into the void, I received 165 XP back. If my math serves me right, I got 6% of the original xp I bought the book with back.

    Now I don't think you should get back 100% of what you purchased the book for, but I think a percentage closer to 10-25% would be a stronger option. When I purchase a Common Enchantment book, there's a 75% chance it's a common tier book, which seems to go for around 150 xp, which is around 6% of the actual price I paid for the book originally. If I were to purchase a Common Enchantment book and I got a rare tier (20% chance) it appears that it would go for around 500 xp on average (20% of original price)

    I bought some enchanted books and threw them into the void, here's the amount of XP that I received back:

    Common Tier:
    165 xp should be increased to 500xp (20%)
    143 xp should be increased to 500xp (20%)

    Rare Tier:
    643 xp should be increased to 1000 xp (anywhere from 40% to 15%)
    413 xp should be increased to 1000 xp (anywhere from 40% to 15%)

    To scared to throw anything worth more into the void :/ If I have the courage to I'll throw some elite+ books in there and post the xp returned (unless someone who has already done so wants to give the information)
  2. Emperio

    Emperio Previously Emperio

    Apr 1, 2018
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    I have played Ceira for little time. So here are my thoughts

    Yes, maybe they are way too low, but the increases you have stated to have, I personally think that they are too much. There should be some loss, as custom enchants are a risky thing in the first place, giving more then 15-20% back will result in abuse for the higher exp books. So my recommendation:

    For lower exp, make the exp received higher.
    For higher exp books, decrease the exp given back.

    I don't know what you think, but If I owned the server I would do this, but of course, you would ask the community first.
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  3. CommanderLion

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    Nov 20, 2014
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    Back at it again I see and yeah I agree with you it should be increased ever so slightly
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