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Impulsivecrown's introduction

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After a long awaited time, I've decided it's time I made an introduction thread!

If you don't feel like reading the whole thread here is a quick summery :3

My names Timothy and I'm 18.
I've been playing desteria since 3.0.
I joined around late 2014.
Since then I've learned a lot about factions and desteria in general.
Outside of game I'm homeschooled and play guitar, drums, keyboard, bass and I sing aswell.
I'm diagnosed with ADHD, Depression and Autism.
I've been way toxic up until somebody I bullied killed himself.
Since then I've been trying to change myself.
I'm changing into someone that I love and I'm comfortable with.

And now the more in depth version :]
I don't really have much to say as far as 3.0 goes.
Me and my friend @Lb23kh joined at the end of 3.0.
We were solo and had no idea what factions was until we asked to join a bigger faction called Massagang with the members being Jwalshjr Buddypls uberjoe_ powalex and a few others.
We didn't understand factions then but we were learning.

This is when factions really kicked off for us.
We played Eldyn in the faction Massagang.
I remember playing alongside some og players such as @monkeyweird @Occupance and others
Factions this map was so much fun and I really enjoyed it :)

I remember I wasn't that toxic back then tho I said things I shouldn't have.
When it came to switching realms with Eldyn being replaced with Edain most of us went our separate ways.
With massagang going to drego and with me and lb heading to lead our own faction.
We created LMN8ATION.
Along the way we picked up an irl friend of lb's @Crysis
We were enemys with bigger factions like Fishclan which consisted of @Venoms @Atleos and others
At this time we were a pretty toxic faction and I hurt a lot of people including @Laney @AnaTheOreoQueen @michael @milkweeds @Scuff @Fluffy for being rude and toxic (I'm so sorry guys :( )

Around this time everybody quit including me.
I began to push everyone away including lb.
I became sad everyday and would often wonder why I was alive.
I began cutting and slitting my wrists to numb the pain.
With this going on I attempted suicide and I'm forever grateful it didn't work.
I shortly after was found asleep in my room on the floor with pills and I was taken to the hospital.
I was later diagnosed with Depression so ever since then I take medicine to help with that.

(If any of you have scars on your body or struggling with this kinda stuff please please please! message me! I hate seeing this happen to people and the people around them don't know how to handle it or what to do in the situation)
After I got out of the hospital I started talking with lb again.
Very late 8.0 me and lb decided to make a return to desteria and began playing sepre.
It was a very short time we played with the reset being just around the corner so theres not much to say about 8.0.

This was when my toxicity really started.
We rebooted LMN8ATION and recruited members such as @hahmie @SwagginMchoppins @Crysis @Tyler and many others.
We went up against some of the top factions like Ohdonkeh, supreme, immortals and others.
I was constantly muted for toxic actions.
Telling people to kill themselves.
Trash talking random new players.
I was a terrible person to players like @TopLeft @Eddy @SpeckAlt @socks_guy12 and others.
I harassed a few staff members such as @Ariana @Baelee @mamasitathegoat @Rob
Honestly 9.0 was a low for me until 10.0 came.

This was a huge mistake for me honestly because I was so toxic this reset.
We were constantly targeted and talked trash to so the old me would always bully people.
I was doxed by Thedottedspeck and ddos'd daily because I got him blacklisted for doing so.
We were glitched into and lost around 6 villagers so everyone was gonna give up but @Zenix and @Syntrafice picked us up and we merged with them.

In this reset I hurt a ton of people personally, emotionally and even physically.
I honestly deeply regret this reset and wish I could start over with it.
Fast forward to October 2nd my grandma passed away.
On the same day I found out that a girl I bullied and called names and hurt killed herself.
This was honestly an eye opener for me.
I realized that my actions actually mattered.
That day I made a promise to myself that I would change myself into the person I originally was.

That's kinda where I'm at right now.

If you have any questions about me feel free to drop a reply! <3 Thank you for accepting my change and forgiving me for me the horrible stuff I've done and as I continue to change I hope people forgive me and I gain desterias respect aswell as the players I hurt.​


Wow a decent intro! I should consider making a quality intro... I'm also happy that you decided to be a better person.
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