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I'm quitting this game

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All the og's remember me, but basically I'm quitting this **** game, games pretty dog **** and id rather slam my head into a door then continue playing. Here's some og's that made my time on desteria a little bit less cancer.

@Costy you're still pretty cool
@TopDamage you have long arms
@Bass you smell like tacobell but its all cool
@Ariana you smell like scotland buts it cool too
@AnaTheOreoQueen you scare me
@Baelee stop abusing me pls
@Johnny mad cuz bad
@Omega ty for unblacklisting me dad
@Leins gl at college sport
@kat thanks for the carry on fortnite

if I forgot anyone which I probably did don't blame me. You can msg me on discord @South#6443
cya <3
wtf, I haven't even played in two years and this is what I get when I log back into the forums? well damn.
my account got banned for 2 weeks cuz I told some staff member id beat there ass. you're hot though
Than** continue playing. Maybe you should spend that time learning English :D

Lil nip* I hate that damn auto correct too
ur also hot
Not open for further replies.