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iLemon and Desteria


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  • Minecraft Username: ClashBoyRoy
  • Realm or Service: Desteria (all)
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    iLemon and Desteria
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    ▬ Most important: I think iLemon should be explaining to this community what the future looks like for Desteria... What is currently being worked on, what his plans are for the future of his company (Lemon Gaming Ltd.)

    ↨Desteria needs a serious revamp, and needs to move away from it's classic p2w/afk2w feeling. Afking spawners is normal, afking alts for the crate keys they drop is not normal so it leads to a lopsided economy. I've watched several good (big) factions try to come play here, and I was part of dismantling / destroying them. We didn't use in game minecraft mechanics to beat them, we used Desteria's edgy rule system and the afk keys to win... any new faction to this server no matter how strong/rich, always ended up getting completely screwed out of the map, either by us going through loopholes in the rules or knowing ways to generate income that are Desteria specific and no other servers mimic this method...
    ↨For three competitive maps on Desteria I had 250 alts myself between 4 whitelisted vps's and my pc/laptop on 2 issued ip addresses. Which I could have competed with my own #1 ftop faction, economy-wise, by myself... I should not be able to generate more income than a 25 man roster by myself, but the Desteria from mid 2017 to 2020 present has allowed me to. Get rid of the alt keys, wipe everything clean besides the basics, start with one realm, offer a cash prize, put on special promotions, make this a new desteria. Expand your Manager Team, bring in more active staff members, and squash staff bias with rules that are enforced. Right now all I see on the staff team are people that have been friends with Cansky and Lucy. If you disagree with Cansky or Lucy, or hit them on a emotional level they just abuse their powers. A complete revamp because of those that have killed this network that I stated last year, would.

    →Having the three realms on a two month schedule is killing things, has been for 3 years. Staff should all be able to come to a consensus that the map is over by the gap on ftop and the playerbase being below a threshold. Then the map should only be down for a maximum period of 5 days for it to reset... but anyways this is irrelevant, we don't even have this right now because the server has been dead.

    →The good incentive for factions is a top 2-3 set reward system. The reward system stays constant, and some maps could be marketed as special maps where you payout more (like christmas theme, halloween, chinese new year etc..)

    Add prison, skyblock, survival. I don't see why you don't just copy lemoncloud over and change it. Most of the work has gone into that vs desteria...
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    It will be bashed by Cansky / Lucy just like every good suggestion. Hence where the server currently is. There's always some white knight that defends them. I'll just keep spitting facts for the next years to come until I get a 404 error on this web page.
    Descends on autopilot... smh. Was so easy to fix if done right, the day Omega left.
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Managers should be also giving updates every month or sooner
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idk waiting for the big update to come to conclusions about how far stretched their mindsets are.


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There was on update from cansky.
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And they are adding skyblock
And a lot of stuff you've mentioned.


it really doesnt matter anymore lol server averages 50 players even with alts on, its probably at the point of no return now