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Guide | Player Introduction Tutorial

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Hey there player, there's no better way to familiarize yourself with our community than to post an introduction! Tell us all about yourself, your hobbies, your interests, or maybe.. your pet peeves! As we continuously welcome more members to our wonderful community, it's important to stay familiar with one another.. help us get to know you through your introduction thread! If you'd like to create your own format/story and get completely creative, go ahead!. On the other hand, feel free to use this introduction template to get you started! However, there's no better way to express being unique than to create your own! Creating an introduction thread helps you get known within the community, and perhaps may make you new friends!

Template: Hey everyone, welcome to my introduction thread! I've been playing Desteria for [FILL].. and it's about time I introduced myself to everyone! My first name is [FILL] and I love playing [FILL]. I found Desteria through [FILL], and I love playing it because [FILL]. My favorite thing to do on Desteria is [FILL]. If there's one specific thing I'm looking for during my time on Desteria, it is [FILL]. Now lets move onto my personal life! My favorite food is [FILL], and I love to [FILL]. It's always been my passion to become [FILL]. Oh, and my personality type can be described as [FILL]! I've never been a big fan of [FILL], but I absolutely love [FILL]. It was a pleasure introducing myself, but I can't go without writing a paragraph on..

Please keep in mind that the template is only given as an example. As much as we'd like you to use it, your thread may not be as exciting if it was to use the same generic introduction template. Be creative! Or, if you're really not feeling that creative today.. continue with using the template, it'll still be an awesome introduction!
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