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FanfuViish's Event Team Application

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Event Team
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Personal Information

What's your IGN? FanfuViish

What's your Discord ID?
Lucy#1705 but it's got some weird letters in it that Desteria forums doesn't work with.
I'm Fanfu | Lucy on the Desteria discord.

What timezone are you in?

Building Section

Are you interested in building?

Please list a building 'style' that most accurately describes your own.
Medieval but I'm open to all kinds of styles really.

If yes (to the above question), please provide at least one sample build below.

Are you able to stick to a schedule and complete builds in a timely manner?

Detailed Information

Why did you apply for the Event Team?
I want to be able to help the server more and at the moment this seems like the most useful thing I could do. I've been seeing quite some players asking for more events and I would love to be able to supply them with some.

What experience, if any, are you bringing to the team if your application is accepted?
I was around when the event team first came into existence on Desteria. Back then I was part of it and helped create the first ever maze event (hosted on a realm cause we didn't have an event realm) and some other events. Thus I know how an event is made, how important it is to test an event beforehand and mostly know how to host one.

What are your goals within the team, and what do you expect to gain personally from the experience?
I personally love building and would like to put this skill to more use. I also want to get even better at building and think I could maximize this skill best when in a group.
I also just want to have some fun helping with events. It's enjoyable for everyone involved- from the people creating and hosting them to the people participatring.

Are you able to communicate and come to compromises with others?

If yes (to the above question), please expand on your answer by offering examples.
I've been able to get along well in the event team when I was previously a member of it and I'm sure I will be able to communicate and cooperate well once again.


Easy +1. There is little to be said about Lucys´ involvement on the team. She is very dedicated and passionate about things that she wants to do, and, being a recruit, I think she is mature enough to be a fellow ET member.
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