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F.A.Q. Thread


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This thread will be constantly updated by staff to make sure that the most frequently asked questions appear here.

The goal of this thread in the future will be to have a running list of questions that people can look for before asking their own questions - and hopefully keep the same questions from popping up over and over again.

Please note that everything inside
<these brackets> are to be considered variables that you will fill in with your own information, not the information listed inside the actual brackets.

Q. How do I get my rank/kits/titles/auras back from ages ago?
You can use the /claim command in-game while in one of our hubs. You can find detailed instructions on this here.

Q. How do I mine spawners?
You're able to mine spawners as long as you have a pickaxe with a silk touch enchantment and you are Explorer rank or higher.

Q. How do I link my Minecraft Account to my Forums Account?

You can use /linkaccount OR /link while logged into Desteria in order to link your Accounts.

Q. How do I create a faction?

You can create a faction by typing /f create <Faction Name>

Q. How do I claim land for my faction?
If you are the faction leader, or you have been given permission to do so by the faction leader, you can claim land using three separate ways.
  • /f claim - this will claim the chunk (16x16 area) that you are standing in.
  • /f claim on - This will auto-claim any chunk that you enter. To turn this off, simply use /f claim off.
  • /f claim <radius> <faction name> - This will claim land in a radius (up to 20 chunks) around you.

Q. Which class is the best?
Each class has its own specialty, so the best class is the one that fits your playstyle the best. Overlord (purchasable here under "Addons") allows you to switch between all the classes' perks. You can find a breakdown of the classes here.

Q. How do I make money?
The economy is set up to allow you to easily obtain crops as your first income source in order to build up towards a spawner-based economy system. This usually means you start with cactus or sugarcane, using these crops to save up for your first spawner. (Usually lower to mid-tiered spawners such as cows or blazes). Once you have that, you can keep growing your low / mid-tier grinder until you can afford the top-tier spawners like an Iron Golem or Villager spawner. From there, you just keep focus on buying more Villagers or Iron Golems. You can find an economy guide here, but keep in mind it's still using the old economy at this moment.

Q. I keep seeing boss advertisements in-game. What is that?
/Boss is a great way to get rewards in-game without purchasing anything from the store. Be careful though because PvP is enabled during the entire fight! Make sure you're prepared to win, but also lose whatever you bring.


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(Feel free to post questions on this thread that you see often - will be deleting them as we add them to the main post.)
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As I stated above, I've deleted all the posts that were relevant and added them to the main document.

Thank you all for your posts and questions, it's appreciated as we continue to expand this F.A.Q. thread for players to easily reference.