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Desteria Plus: Season 2
Our most anticipated reset

The final week of Season 1 has commenced, and the PURGE is approaching.

Meanwhile, we're excited to announce the details for Season 2 which will follow! Sit back, relax, and watch the official trailer for Desteria Plus, Season 2...

If you have a youtube channel, you can receive a free Rare Supply Crate at the start of Season 2 if you re-upload this trailer! For more information, join our Discord and see the #trailer channel.

General Season Information
A quick breakdown of what's happening

When Season 2 begins, all realms will RESET, meaning everybody starts over (this excludes permanent paid packages such as ranks, kits, upgrades, etc.)

Season 2 starts at the following date and time:

Saturday 30th March 2019
19:00 GMT / 15:00 EST / 14:00 CST / 13:00 MT / 12:00 PST

Faction member limit: 30
Power per player: 50
Maximum allies: 2
Maximum truces: 3
Alt limit: Unlimited
Grace Period (no explosions): 5 days
First hour: No flight, No wilderness portal
World Corners: 8
Season duration: 10 weeks

Here are the key new features, including some vast new updates arriving with Season 2:

Dragon Drops & Mini Warzones
A new warzone loot drop event

Three new mini-warzones warps have been added to the Desteria world: Desert, Ice, and Forest.

Each mini warzone is 8x8 chunks around its warp spawn. To claim land within two chunks of the sides of each warzone, it will cost $500,000 in-game cash to give everybody a fairer chance at getting warzone claims.

At a completely random interval, between 15-45 minutes, a Dragon will summon at each of the three mini warzones and fly around dropping loot chests. Loot chests will signal a colored firework represented by its tier of loot contents: Common, Regular, Ultra, Rare, or Legendary.

Loot chests can contain ranks, upgrade gems, spawners, exp bottles, in-game cash, supply crates, sell wands, trenching cores, and much more.

A sudden alert in chat will appear when the Dragon Drop starts. Remember: these events are in a PvP enabled warzone and beware of traps surrounding the warzones.

  • Traps that remove a players ability to /spawn or /home will result in removal from the server without warning. Examples of bannable traps are those that would render the player completely unable to play (i.e.: If the trapper were to log off the player would be stuck there indefinitely).

  • You are not permitted to create/use crusher-style derps. Players who are trapped must be given a 2 block high by 1 block wide area in which they can move and defend themselves unobstructed. This includes drowning, suffocation, anvils, glass, gates, fences, slabs, etc. Any attempt at "loopholing" this rule (or finding a means around it) will result in punishment. You ARE permitted to trap a player with blocks OVER their head, moving a player into a confined 2 tall by 1 wide hole etc.

Trenching Tools
NEW: Trenching Core
New to Desteria is the Trenching Core. A special item which, when placed, will trench out an entire chunk from sky to bedrock. Here's a video of it in action:

These new items will be available from the Server Store on release and are found in loot chests at Dragon Drops.

Trenching Pickaxe and Shovel Updates
Last season we released the Trenching Pickaxe and Shovel. For Season 2 we have made the following improvements to these items:
  • Blocks mined will now go straight into your inventory instead of dropping to improve your FPS
  • Only ores/gems will be given to you (stone, dirt, gravel, andesite etc will not)
  • You can now toggle between modes by shift-right-clicking
  • Added a cool explosion particle effect

Fortified Walls

A new way to limit cannoning
The goal of fortified walls is to enforce a cannoning speed restriction that cannot be bypassed.

A fortified wall effectively becomes invincible for 3 seconds after the previous wall has been destroyed. This means that regardless of what the Raiders do with the cannon (even if they use more than 1 cannon), the wall cannot be destroyed and they cannot proceed further into the base's buffer until the 3-second cooldown on the wall has elapsed.

You will see a particle effect countdown above a fortified wall.

Donator Rank Changes
A new bottom tier rank and perk buffs
From the start of Season 2, a new tier 1 rank will be available for purchase. Details of this new rank will be on Server Store on release day.

Along with this, the following changes will happen:
  • All permanent ranks, tier 1-5, will have access to a private vault.
    • Tier 1: 1 private vault
    • Tier 2: 2 private vaults
    • Tier 3: 3 private vaults
    • Tier 4: 4 private vaults
    • Tier 5: 5 private vaults
  • /feed and /fix will be moved down from tier 3 (Hunter) to tier 2 (Explorer), however, cooldowns are shorter for higher tier ranks.

Various Changes & Fixes
Smaller updates coming with Season 2 and key changes during Season 1

  • Brand new spawn
  • Crop Hopper has been removed
  • Cactus, sugar cane, pumpkin, and melon sell prices adjusted
  • Added cave spider and spider spawners to /shop
  • Outpost capture time has been changed so that it increases by 0.1% per player on the outpost capture point per second
  • Added kill-death ratio to the scoreboard
  • Nerfed Noob kit (diamond -> iron tools)
  • Re-designed the /warp menu
  • /feed and /heal no longer share cooldowns
  • Dynamic /kit menu
  • Minor scoreboard design tweaks
  • Servers fully optimized, running on brand new Intel i7-7700K Overclocked 5GHz 64GB DDR4 machines
  • Flawless cannoning
  • New /levelup menu so you can spam levelup without being kicked and see what perks you've so-far unlocked

  • Added a custom /help command, also details about our unique /f top
  • Added a menu with each spawner's minutely value, type /spawners

  • Fresh new faction, mod, ally, truce chat format
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greate!! ideas :D but , maby classes has to get something better? like pirate, maby u can make that they have knokback underwater so they can be like aqua men lol, and maby knight can have something like speacial armor
with a cool texture, i know that ******* made texture for one of their game so maby u can make a texture for the knight armor and add it something like strange and an egg of horse that spawn in pvp for 3.5 mints.