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Desteria: Overlord's Awakening Introduction

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Overlord Awakening: Introduction

Oh boy, the moment we've all been waiting for! I can feel the excitement crackling amongst everyone - the team, and the players. I can't express with words how fantastic it feels to have our hardwork pay off - mostly because I can barely talk from the exhaustion of sleepless nights. This has been the update that we've been eagerly working on for a very long time - as soon as 5.0 started tilting. We're very certain that we'll see a major improvement in economy this time around. Without further ado, let me present to you what Overlord's Awakening has to offer.. And while this post doesn't cover every little change made, these are the stand-out features!

OA: Class System Update
We've changed up the upgrading system for class ranks. Players will be initiated into their class through a Class Master after jumping into a portal. For rank upgrades, players will visit their Class Master. What's more even more exciting? Each class has a permanent ability that really stands out, here are the main four..

Viking: Permanent Haste II,
Archer: Permanent Speed Boost,
Assassin: Permanent Jump Boost,
Undead: Permanent +1 Hearts.

Opinions may always deceive you, but bottom line: a powerful faction will need proper consistency including all four ranks. To give you an example, Haste II is perfect for base-building, whilst speed may help you escape an un-wanted fight!

OA: Randy The Tax Collector
During the 5.0 map, the magical elves working for Desteria were overwhelmed and underpaid. We needed to implement a TAX system to help pay for their bills and make Desteria a better place. On the 1st of each month, all players will have 20% of their balance deducted. Players will either resort to paying the tax, or spending all of their money on items to avoid the tax. If you click on Randy the Tax Collector at spawn, he'll let you know when the next tax is due.. along with how much money was pooled from the last tax. Merchants of Desteria, be ready to make quite the profit!

OA: Market Economy Updates
Oh no! After hearing all of the buzz about Iron Golems ruining the economy, the Iron Golems have decided to pack their bags and travel away from the land of Desteria. The return is undetermined, they may decide to come back in the future.. or they may remain as a story untold. On top of this, the elves have changed a lot of market prices! The same economy structure remains, but the progression and the amount of $$ to be made has been lowered. The price changes have been made primarily in relevance to our new economy system to ensure it stays healthy.

OA: Overlord Class Awakening
We're bringing sexy back! For many of you veteran players, you'll be happy to know that the paid Overlord Class is making a return! Hidden deep in the Class Masters' woods, you'll find the Overlord Master. The Overlord Class is just like any other, with a few changes to the kits, abilities, and colors. We plan on making many improvements to the class system throughout Overlord's Awakening, not only to the Overlords, but the Class System as a whole. Without making Overlord too pay-2-win, the class will be available respectively on our store a few days after Overlord's Awakening launch.

OA: Prestige System
The completionist system was never finished during the 5.0 map, with Overlord's Awakening we're bringing you a new prestige system. When you complete your 8 ranks, you are offered the ability to enter prestige mode; there are a total of 5 prestiges. It will maximize gameplay and extend the lifespan of the update, offering more ways to spend money; for each prestige advancement, you will gain a prestige key which you can spend to unlock cool abilities and extra features. Prestige level will be visible in the chat, so your progress will always be honored!

OA: FFA Changes
We're changing up Free-For-All once more! The map will be changed back to the Terminal from 3.0, so that nostalgia can hit us all like a large, lovely brick! Other than the map change, many bugs and glitches were patched. Health indicators have also been re-added below usernames. One thing's for sure, you'll be seeing plenty of players on cleaving and slashing through the airport during the Overlord's Awakening!

OA: Economy Improvements
With the Overlord's Awakening update primarily focusing on economy improvements, we've added a few systems to purge money from the economy- nothing too drastic. Some of these include spawner breaking fees along with kit usage fees. The fees are generally very small and continue to make the game-play enjoyable without too many pesky annoyances!

OA: Factions Improvements
We've updated our Factions plugin to fix any current issues, along with adding back certain functionality such as /f list. Better yet, the new version reverts back to the traditional commands better known by all the longtime veteran faction players, so make sure you take a read of /f help and familiarize yourself with everything new. And lastly, we've implemented chat hovering functionality to display player information- something I find very neat myself!

OA: Legendary Items
Similar to previous updates, we will be hiding 10 legendary items randomly around the map on EACH realm. These items have crazy enchantments and consist of: 2x diamond swords, 2x diamond shovels, 2x diamond pickaxes, 2x diamond axes, and 2x bows. All legendary items will be scattered across the map, and will no longer be hidden in warps (as seen previously). In previous updates, most realms managed to find all legendary items within a few days. Start setting your alarm clock, it might be your lucky day! Hint: Legendary Items can be hidden in blocks, and even chests! No other information will be given.

OA: Official Launch
I honestly can't believe that all of this hard work is finally being set to public release, hype! Without delaying much further, I'm sure you'll all be very happy to know that Overlord's Awakening is being released THIS Sunday, December 20th. The official release time will be around 1:00PM CST, and the entire network will be closed for 3-4 hours prior whilst we prepare for the update. Please keep in mind that the official deadline may be delayed slightly if issues occur (which they may!), and please be open minded within the first few hours of release as bugs are expected. We can't wait to see you on the other side!

Want to show your support? Rate this introduction thread as a winner and comment your opinions! We'll be picking one random comment after Overlord's Awakening release to receive $100 store credit.

alqa kz

How beautifull is this Overlord's Awakening, I'm HYPE to play it. So many good changes are going to come with this «6.0».I'm sure that everyone is going to be exited with them and it will bring many old players back!


Alex i cant wait for the update. Ive been playing since 2.0 and i enjoyed watching the server get better and better i hope all the staff teams hard work and effort will make 6.0 the best map weve ever had @Ambushment
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