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hey guys southgods here aka the most toxic player on desteria.

I quit for a while but decided to come back cause why not ya dig? Worst decision of my life, I'm not gonna @ a lot of people or write a big ass paragraph but ya. I'm just leaving this game cause its just minecraft, like I'm too old to play this **** and its not any fun whatsoever. I started playing this game in 2012 and its 2019, 7 years of my life I threw away behind a screen, pretty stupid but ya.

@David goofy goother right here
@Slothables sloth man quit :(
@LEGALIST good goother right here
@Costy hey man
@JustinKite You suck at screensharing, I HAD VAPE RIGHT ON MY DESKTOP AND YOU DIDN'T SEE IT LMFAO

there's a lot more people I would @ but its just a waste of my time

also those goofy nibs Order and all them goofys are randoms, nibs run they mouth and talk **** about everything / everyone no cap

I'll probably never get on desteria, if I do its probably as a meme but ya, I would suggest to anyone to quit this goofy game, get outside and do **** with your life, stop wasting your childhood behind a screen

put some screenshots of some memorys n some ****



Another one bites the dust :(

Sad to see you go fam. Hope life treats you better. Slide those acc details ;). And still msg me on disc from time to time