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Commencement of the Krynn Purge

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Forest Guardian

| Krynn Purge Night |

Greetings Desterians,

Blessed be our New Founding Developers/Owner for letting us Purge and cleanse our accounts. Blessed be Desteria, a server reborn. ~ A narrative on The Purge, and an official "prayer" of The Purge and the New Founding Fathers of Desteria.

Are you ready to purge Krynn?(I am) The time is coming for the new chapter of the realm and all hell is about to break lose, for a few hours all griefing of any faction land and warps will be legal. Hacked clients and the main Desterian rules will stay and you can still get banned within these hours of freedom.

| Information |
A bedrock platform has been made in the spawn to avoid instant death, all faction land and any warps will be removed for these hours until the reset commences. Free TNT and Armour including God Apples will be available to you from 7pm tomorrow BST time.

The Purge will begin at 8PM BST / 3PM EST/ 2PM CST/ 6AM GMT+10

  • Hacked clients are still bannable
  • Staff will be continuing their duties as normal to monitor the chat
  • Any rules broken in terms of the tier's in our Desteria Rulebook can still be punishable
  • You will be allowed to grief the warps and any faction land
  • Legend kits will be available at spawn
  • GOD apples will be available at spawn (30 second cooldown)
  • TNT will be available at spawn
  • There will be manual lottery throughout the purge consisting of millions being won for more TNT buying!
  • There will be chests around spawn closer to the purge to earn store gifts and titles

"God bless Krynn, a realm reborn"

The Events Team
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