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Coin Flip, Faction Chest Logs and More!


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Greetings Desterians!
Today we have a handful of new features for you to enjoy in the upcoming weeks.
These features will be live immediately, so go and explore them!

Coin Flip
New gambling options have come to the realms of Desteria! Lose (or maybe even win) all of your money with our new coin flip feature!

To get started, simply type "/cf (amount)", choose a color of your liking and you're done!

Now, other players can see your coinflip offer in the /cf GUI.
Your opponent will then choose a color of his own and a coin will be flipped, representing the colors that each of you chose.

If the coin lands on your color, then you are lucky - You get double the money you placed!

Faction Chest Logs
Protect yourself against insiders and betrayals with this nifty new plugin.
As a new feature of our factions plugin, faction leaders now have the permission to view the history of their faction chest!

Access this feature with /f chest log <page>!

Gen Bucket Improvements
Our developers have worked hard and improved our gen buckets drastically!
You will notice the following changes when genning your base:
  • Vertical gen buckets can now gen upwards if placed on top of a block
  • Gen bucket speed heavily increased
  • Using a gen bucket will no longer spam you with purchase notifications and instead compile it into one!

Other recent changes:
  • Overheal, stoneforge, and headshot are now "Divine" enchants on Caden.
  • Added a confirmation process for choosing a class.
  • Added a queue for full realms (Donators will have priority over this queue!).
  • Added /hours to the event realm.

Stay tuned for more updates coming very soon!

Desteria offers a variety of ways to actively influence the server.
Got any ideas you would like to see implemented? Create a suggestion here!
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These are some great new features & changes.

I will now be wasting all my money in-game on coinflips. :cool:


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Content Team
fun new addition on what's hopefully the forefront of many new improvements and additions :)


It taaakes soooo long for them to get suggestions implementted. Takes months to accept one, takes months to code it, takes months and weeks to implement it. 8 months later you've got what you asked for. Could have lost both my arms by then.

Yay f chest inspection is back again :p