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Changelog Release!

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Greetings Desterians!

In an ongoing effort to keep everyone as informed as possible about content releases, changes, and fixed bugs, we've decided to release a weekly changelog. This changelog will cover newly released content, bug patches, and content changes on a weekly basis. We hope that this implementation will allow for better communication between the community and the Management Team.

What To Expect
You should expect weekly updates every Wednesday. These updates will include any changes to rules, content, and bug fixes after being tested and confirmed to work properly. We're going to be allowing comments on these changelogs so we can get valuable feedback from everyone in the event that something has been falsely confirmed as fixed.

Our Intention
As we continue to release content that everyone will enjoy, we want to take strides toward open communication and accountability. Our intention is not only to keep the community informed, but to keep ourselves accountable for actual fixes. People make mistakes, and we're no different. We need the community's input to make sure we're staying on top of content updates and bug fixes by constantly relaying that information to the community. We hope that this will further improve the stream of information that trickles down to the entire community and is received with positivity.

With high expectations,

Management Team
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