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Changelog - May 2nd, 2018

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Greetings Desterians!

Every Wednesday, we'll be posting updates on what we've been up to "behind the scenes" to improve Desteria. Let's get right into it! There may be some overlap between changelogs as we're constantly implementing changes, but everything will be listed at the end of the day.


April 25th
  • Fixed an issue where prestiging and changing classes would allow two separate class perks to be active.
  • Fixed a visual display bug showing Overlord Kits as normal class kits.
April 26th
  • Implemented a countermeasure against Raid Alerts software.
April 27th
  • Clarified phrasing of Tier 4 punishment durations. No rule was changed, it was simply rephrased for clarity on the rules page.
April 28th
  • Implemented and tested a fix for bows which seems to work correctly.
April 29th
  • Implemented a scoreboard to /hub realms.
April 30th
  • Incorporated /votefly into the voting rewards. Voters gain 10 minutes of completionist fly with each vote.
  • Optimized Spigot to increase TPS across the entire server.
  • Optimized TnT to be less server intensive.
  • Optimized spigot to allow East/West cannons to function consistently with North/South cannons. (realigner still recommended.)
  • Implemented a fix for /33pick and tested to make sure it works correctly.
May 1st
  • Released the new staff application template and cleared all old staff applications.
  • Sand entities now fully load chunks. (Using alts to load sand compressors in cannons should no longer be necessary)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed cannons to use the world border as a backboard. Entities should now despawn on contact similar to how they do if they breach skylimit.
Items listed here are issues that a developer has been assigned to fix and is actively being worked on. None of these issues are listed in any discernable order, and this is only meant to serve as a running list of in-progress bugs/issues that are known and actively receiving attention by a developer.

  • 3x3 pick doesn't pick up spawners even if a silk touch pick is being used.
  • Zombie pigmen are having golden swords removed from their drop table.
  • Faction co-leaders can kick other co-leaders.
  • Faction mods can kick co-leaders.
  • Faction mods can kick other mods.
  • Co-leaders cannot use /f mod or /f promote despite having the necessary /f perms.
  • Co-leaders and mods currently have the ability to override /f owner claims
  • Users will be forcefully teleported to spawn when kicked from a faction which should prevent insiding through the use of alts as a temporary homeset.
  • Give /f access and /f owner priority over /f permissions. Currently they override inversely.
  • Clear /back locations on relog, but allow usage of the command in enemy territory. This should allow users to loot bases during a raid, but not use it as a homeset.
  • Overhaul and rewrite the Bosses Plugin to improve server performance and allow more bosses to be added in the future.
  • Sell and Craft wand durability issues and lack of effect on trapped chests.
  • Tokens aren't received if mobs are killed in a single hit.
We added an "in-progress" section to include issues and bugs that are being actively worked on by a developer, and will be added to the completed changelog in the near future. We hope that this addition is received with positivity as we further work on ways to open up communication and allow transparency between Management and the community.

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