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Changelog - June 20th, 2018

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Greetings Desterians!

Every Wednesday, we post updates on what we've been up to behind the scenes to improve Desteria. Let's get right into it! There may be some overlap between changelogs as we're constantly implementing changes, but everything will be listed at the end of the day.


June 13th
  • The /f perms GUI was re-organized after the redundant ‘ENEMY’ category was removed so that it’s less OCD-triggering.
  • Tweaked all recently released factions changes to ensure that they applied to existing factions in addition to newly created factions.
  • Adjusted faction moderator and coleader permissions to ensure that their access is entirely defined by /f perms. Moderator and coleaders no longer have any innate access or abilities. The roles are entirely customizable by the faction leader with /f perms.
  • Similar to the moderator and coleader rank changes, allies’ access is now entirely defined by /f perms. They no longer have any innate access.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented neutrals and enemies from being able to access chests in faction territories.
June 14th
  • Resolved an issue with voting not registering on the cannon realm.
  • Ensured Staff Ranks correctly appear visually on non-main realms.
  • Ensured /f unclaimall is correctly tied into the ‘TERRITORY’ permission node of /f perms instead of being innately useable by faction moderators.
  • Fixed a LARGE number of other small factions bugs that arose during our tweaks.
  • Fixed a bug on Caden that teleported users into a particular location in the /wild safezone instead of the /wild warp when they logged off in non-friendly territory.
June 15th
  • Resolved an issue that previously gave items with a Statistic Scroll applied to them infinite durability.
  • Removed the print-outs of who has owner access to the chunk you’re entering from chat. Players complained about how spammy large /f owner lists were, and we acknowledged that this functionality is redundant next to /f ownerlist.
  • FFA, Cannon, and Event have been added to /realms on all Desteria realms.
  • Added functionality to /f owner radius claiming to correctly remove ownership of a designated user in a radius if the command is re-used while that user already has ownership status in the listed chunks.
  • Fixed lack-of-permissions error messages for /f perms and /f owner to correctly state that you must be a faction leader to use these commands; previously it listed coleaders.
June 16th
  • Identified issues that broke 1.7.10 compatibility and have a working fix in place. If it breaks again we will look into a longer-term fix for the potentially still-existing issue.
  • Re-wrote the /vaults plugin to ensure the functionality is more consistent and less exploitable.
  • Added remote access to vaults with /vaults (#).
June 17th
  • Adjusted the /f claimline command to now have an upper-limit of 20 instead of 5.
  • Updated the Forums rules page to reflect the newly changed server rules and correspondingly changed the warning point options given to Staff Members.
  • Fixed an issue allowing instant /spawn teleports on /event.
  • Ensured on faction leaders can use /f tag and /f desc.
  • Added a feature that teleports users kicked from a faction to spawn automatically, and sends them to spawn upon reconnecting if they’re kicked while offline. This should function as an insiding deterrent. More features of this sort are soon to come.
  • The boot process of the hubs was optimized to decrease the time required for reboots.
June 18th
  • Resolved issues with /hours to more correctly synchronize hours across multiple realms. Hours numbers should now be more consistent globally.
  • Re-added /ah to Besen and improved stability to hopefully resolve future issues. Should they continue to arise we’ll look into a complete re-write of the software behind the plugin.
  • Lowered the chances of emerald and diamond blocks dropping from legendary crates to inadvertently buff the drop chances of other rewards.
  • Removed eggs and water bottles from /shop as each were purchasable in stacks of 64. This allowed users to brew stackable splash potions and the usage of eggs as a faster bow to disable users’ fly too easily.
  • Updated /rewards to more accurate describe the rewards given to top voters on Desteria.


Items listed here are issues that a developer has been assigned to fix and is actively being worked on. None of these issues are listed in any discernible order, and this is only meant to serve as a running list of in-progress bugs/issues that are known and actively receiving attention by a developer.

  • Working to resolve reported instances of players getting stuck on Caden. Noted issues:
    • Mining in the nether near bedrock.
  • Working on a fix to visually render less item entities dropped by stacked mobs to reduce lag but not actually change the amount of loot acquired by players.
  • Much more content yet to be teased!
As of the time of this being posted, in the last few days our owner has finished up his school year and will be more available now than ever to be devoting time to the server. Additionally, after a few weeks' hiatus also due to exams, our Lead Developer is now back with us once again. This should exponentially increase an already increased level of productivity you've hopefully noticed from our Development Team in recent weeks. As always, we hope you appreciate the changes we’re making and if you have additional suggestions or comments with regards to what we’re doing we’d love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to send myself a PM, or create a Suggestions thread at any time. We’re here to listen and work with you, not against you. Lots more to come soon!

Otherwise, until next week,

Logic // Management Team
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