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Changelog - February 25th

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Greetings Desterians!

Changelogs will be posted once per week. (Days posted will be varied depending on how my schedule works out for that week.) Sorry for the small delay on this one!

These changes aren't posted in any specific order or importance. Also due to the amount of small changes we fix, sometimes we don't always record them - so while I do my best to include every change, sometimes things are overlooked due to having no evidence that it was changed. A large bulk of these issues will be live on next /ar.


  • Correct the price discrepancy with melons and pumpkins when selling with wands
  • Corrected a small exploit in the shop that allowed you to gain money from TNT
  • Tweaked fly zones for divine, vote, and completionist fly to make it more fair
  • Launched Bestle's jar on all realms

Items listed here are issues that a developer has been assigned to fix and is actively being worked on. None of these issues are listed in any discernible order, and this is only meant to serve as a running list of in-progress bugs/issues that are known and actively receiving attention by a developer.

  • Actively fixing several inconsistencies that popped up after switching jars
    • Hopper speeds
    • TNT interacting with the world properly
    • etc
  • Updating our Quests plugin with better quests and updated rewards
  • Working on getting classes to correctly give out crates upon ranking up
  • Fixing a few issues with KoTH deathbans not working correctly
  • Fine-tuning how divine fly operates in certain warps
  • Updating our /hours plugin so it tracks hours with increased accuracy
  • Working on separating the cooldowns between /heal and /eat
  • Identifying the issue behind all the Outpost issues

Yay, another changelog. I know it looks like quite a small list, and you would be correct. A large majority of time was spent looking for solutions and fixing our jar before Lemon decided to just go with Bestle's jar. We should be getting back on track with larger changelogs here in the near future as Mephen will have more time to focus on other things.

Omega | Management Team
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