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Changelog - Caden Release - May 26th, 2018

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Greetings Desterians!

Usually changelogs are released selectively on Wednesdays. Seeing as Caden is releasing today, and the amount of changes we've made to it and the rest of the realms in the last few days, we figured we'd go ahead and give you an early changelog! Let's get right into it! There may be some overlap between changelogs as we're constantly implementing changes, but everything will be listed at the end of the day.


May 24th
  • Voting has been fixed on /cannon.
  • FFA has been made playable again. Staff have regained their permissions and the realm now correctly functions with regards to inter-realm communication.
May 25th
  • World border has been changed again to ensure cannons can't use it as a backboard. Sand now despawns upon hitting the ground if stacked against the world border, and TnT explosions are muffled and don't effect nearby blocks. Confirmed working with testing.
  • /f warp and /tpahere now correctly have delay timers before sending the user to their destination.
  • Name changes have returned to the Forums. Go into the 'personal details' of your profile, and you may request a name-change from there. A Manager+ will either approve or deny your request as appropriate.
  • As people being changing names again, the 'previous names' section of users' profiles will begin to appear again.
  • Forums Reports have been fixed; Managers+ will now be checking posts reported with the 'report' button. Previously we'd lost access, but this has been fixed.
  • Prestige Kits finally should all be functional on all realms.
  • More tweaks have been made to the boss to promote stability and consistency. Further changes are being worked on.
  • Changes have been made to Factions Fly, Completionist Fly, and Votefly
    • Use /completionist at Prestige 12 to get access to /cfly. /cfly is now fully compatible with Factions Fly.
    • Factions Fly now only works in one's own faction land, and that of their allies. Not truces.
    • /votefly is now fully compatible with Factions Fly.
    • Votefly and /cfly now are only disabled by a factions-enemy within a small block radius, by entering combat, or by toggling the fly command.
    • Votefly and /cfly now only work in the /wild world.
Caden Economy
  • Caden's economy has been completely reworked beyond the initial announcement thread:
    • /emporium has been removed. Decor, Bazaar, and Supplies remain.
      • Bazaar and Supplies selling now equates to 125% the value of selling to /shop.
      • Using /sell now sells for 90% of /shop's value.
    • Villager spawners increased in price to $5,000,000
      • Emeralds now sell for $29, per.
      • Emerald blocks are now abnormally profitable compared to ingots of other types (iron, gold).
    • Iron Golem spawners increased in price to $3,000,000.
      • Iron Ingots now sell for $23.5, per.
      • Block prices have been adjusted to account for this change.
    • Enderman spawners spawners increased to $1,250,000.
      • Enderpearls now sell for $8, per.
    • Zombie Pigmen spawners increased to $800,000.
      • Drop tables have been changed, these mobs now ONLY drop gold ingots.
      • Gold Ingots sell for $35, per.
      • Block prices have been adjusted to account for this change.
    • Creeper spawners increased to $750,000.
      • TnT now sells for $10, per.
    • Blaze spawners now sell for $600,000.
      • Blaze rods now sell for $20, per.
    • Cow spawners now sell for $80,000.
      • Leather now sells for $2.5, per.
      • Raw Beef now sells for $0.6, per.
    • Cactus now sells for $2.5, per.
    • Sugarcane now sells for $5.5, per.
  • All of these prices are noted from their value at the physical shop, or /shop. They have been configured to be respectively modified by /resources or via the usage of /sell as noted above. The goal sof these changes were to promote an increase in map length through making it harder to get rich (as fast), promote more diversity with regards to what you can choose to grind, and also setting the stage for future changes and content implementations. We hope you enjoy! A lot of thought and math went into this.
Items listed here are issues that a developer has been assigned to fix and is actively being worked on, or that have been completed but are awaiting testing. None of these issues are listed in any discernible order, and this is only meant to serve as a running list of in-progress bugs/issues that are known and actively receiving attention by a developer.

  • Reconfigure /f access such that it gives 'CONTAINER' access as well as 'BUILD' and 'DESTROY'.
  • Working to give all potions (throwable or drinkable), golden apples (both kinds), enderpearls, and bows innate overrides to Factions' 'ITEMS' permissions.
  • Faction co-leaders can kick other co-leaders.
  • Faction mods can kick co-leaders.
  • Faction mods can kick other mods.
  • Co-leaders cannot use /f mod or /f promote despite having the necessary /f perms.
  • Co-leaders and mods currently have the ability to override /f owner and /f access claims
  • Users will be forcefully teleported to spawn when kicked from a faction which should prevent insiding through the use of alts as a temporary homeset.
  • Clear /back locations on relog, but allow usage of the command in enemy territory. This should allow users to loot bases during a raid, but not use it as a homeset.
Management Team
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