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Changelog - August 1st, 2018

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Greetings Desterians!

Every Wednesday we post updates on what we've been up to behind the scenes to improve Desteria. Let's get right into it! There may be some overlap between changelogs as we're constantly implementing changes, but everything will be listed at the end of the day.


July 26th
  • Fixed an issue with common crates not giving out experience despite announcing experience has been received in chat.
July 27th
  • Outpost areas no longer allow Punch and Knockback enchantments.
July 28th
  • VIPs can now correctly claim two plots of land on the cannon realm.
  • Doors & Trap Doors were added to the ‘Miscellaneous’ section
  • on Besen’s /shop GUI.
July 30th
  • Disabled the ‘Brawler’ custom enchantment inside Outposts on Caden.
July 31st
  • Fixed an issue that caused all Divine rank purchases to inappropriately redirect to Besen.
  • Enabled non-vanilla McMMO fishing rewards across all realms.
August 1st
  • Resolved a bug that allowed items that shouldn’t be sellable to the shop to be sold for no profit. Should be fixed as of tonight’s /ar.
  • Fixed a handful of edge-case bugs where data was incorrectly cached, which caused issues with Outposts and their respective scoreboards. Issue should be resolved as of tonight’s /ar.
  • Event Realm’s knockback will be deployed to all live realms as of tonight’s /ar.


Items listed here are issues that a developer has been assigned to fix and is actively being worked on. None of these issues are listed in any discernible order, and this is only meant to serve as a running list of in-progress bugs/issues that are known and actively receiving attention by a developer.

  • Working to update Desteria’s anticheat!
  • Releasing fresh and redesigned KoTH & Outpost arenas to replace our existing builds!
  • Working on a captcha system to work in conjunction with a then-nerfed alt-limiter. This will aim to combat the issue of key-drop alt farmers using alts to profit unfairly.
  • Working to re-introduce the chat-hover-over functionality.
  • Setting up a /color system for Divine donators!
  • Ensuring crop hoppers calculate correctly towards F-Top based on their unique shop price by comparison to a normal hopper.
  • Working to update the out of date error message distributed if you attempt to use /resources when you lack the necessary class rank to do so.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s changelog! We're swinging right back into action here, fixing bugs and developing new stuff. We hope you're enjoying all the changes. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to say something about what we've changed!

Until next week,

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