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Changelog - August 15th, 2018

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Greetings Desterians!

Every Wednesday we post updates on what we've been up to behind the scenes to improve Desteria. Let's get right into it! There may be some overlap between changelogs as we're constantly implementing changes, but everything will be listed at the end of the day.


August 10th
  • A captcha system for key-drops was released. This ensures that users are not able to use alts to farm keys, and allows us to re-buff the tier of key that is dropped to be randomly selected again as opposed to always being common.
  • Alongside the aforementioned change we’ve re-upped to alt-limit to be 10 across all realms.
  • Resolved a bug with ally warping that prevented you from using warps in your own territory.
  • Gave coleaders innate access to /f desc.
  • Upped the max limit of faction warps to seven, from five to adhere to the addition of ally warps into the normal /f warp system.
August 11th
  • Increased the amount of time users have before their keys expire after a key-drop to 60s, from 30s.
  • Resolved an issue with some users’ titles not being capitalized when they should’ve been. If your title hasn’t already been fixed, it should be fixed if you re-use the /title command and re-select your title.
August 12th
  • Resolved the issues across all realms that prompted the “too many users are joining” message when you attempted to join a realm.
August 15th
  • Added a /tnttoggle command. This command will be a part of the fourth class rank (the third purchasable rank). When enabled, it will make primed TnT and falling sand entities invisible. It will also disable the explosion sound effects of TnT, and remove the explosion particles. This should greatly help users’ FPS when cannoning should they choose to enable it. This change will take effect as of tonight’s reboots.
  • Voting no longer inappropriately prompts a captcha; you should automatically receive your key immediately. This change will take effect on all non-Besen realms as of tonight’s reboot. (The change should already be live on Besen.)


Items listed here are issues that a developer has been assigned to fix and is actively being worked on. None of these issues are listed in any discernible order, and this is only meant to serve as a running list of in-progress bugs/issues that are known and actively receiving attention by a developer.

  • Redoubling our efforts to pursue a change to the /back plugin that would allow it to be used into enemy territory on the condition that your previous locations will be wiped on log-out. This should mean the command will allow you to use it as a tool to help you loot while raiding, but won’t allow you to use your /back as a long-term homeset in an enemied faction’s base.
  • Finishing up changes to a newly-coded replacement for our F-Top plugin. This change will update the way that F-Top is calculated, making the values update instantly, and be generally more accurate and responsive. This should prevent issues with “ghost” F-Top values. These changes will be going live likely in the next 24 hours.
  • Working to update the code that works behind the KoTH scoreboards such that they’re more stable. We’re aware that currently they often disappear and are unreliable. This issue is in part tied into the same culprit plugin that is causing issues with 1.7.10. We’re aiming to completely redesign this plugin which should hopefully bring back stable 1.7.10 support and simultaneously fix various scoreboards around the realms.
  • Working to resolve an issue that incorrectly states "<global player count>" on Caden's tab menu instead of display that variable's true value.
  • Continuously working on improvements to our anticheat that will be released in a large-scale future re-release of the plugin(s).
We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s changelog. This changelog is rather skinny, but that’s only because some of the items included were larger. The captcha and the /tnttoggle command took a good bit of time and effort, and after they were completed, most of our time was spent working on the F-Top recode. It hopefully should be completely promptly, allowing us to get back to work on the KoTH issues and new functionality for the /back command. As always, we appreciate your continued patience with us and are happy to announce we have no intentions on slowing down. New bug fixes, new content releases, and more are to be expected for the future.

Until next week,

Logic // Management
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