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Capping Out Spawner Value


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  • Minecraft Username: Sigolem
  • Realm or Service: Desteria (all)
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    Capping Out Spawner Value
  • Description:
    Spawners build value over time and their is no cap on how much value is built over time. I suggest that each spawner depending on the kind of spawner and value of the spawner caps out at how much value it can build up. For example, when you place a IG spawner it starts with $0 value and over a spawn over x amount of hours it can build up to x amount of value and cap out at that. This makes it so when people get raided, they are able to get knocked off ftop. Right now, people have value built on their boosters that even if you explode their igs and creepers, their boosters will keep them on ftop.
  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    It would cause more comp. Along with that it would not make factions over powered.
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Content Team
So id like to add this spreadsheet to this suggestion thread, Content support team please take note of this IF/WHEN this is discussed.

It currently takes roughly 35 days to reach the value at which it costs to buy said spawner from /shop - If the community believe this isn't enough of a cap then it can be changed based on discussion of course but I thought id just share this.

Thanks :D

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-Cap out for example a IG to like 1 mil, this means that people can place igs and still catch up rather than having value take 30 days to build to its full amount.
-Makes other factions want to raid a f top 1 factions, because currently most f top 1 factions have so much value built in their boosters, that if you don't breach it, that will keep them on f top.

- Devalues Spawners (Spawners don't reach their shop value)
- Capping Spawners value is unnecessary since it doesn't help you in making more money it just displays on f top overtime
- Makes tier 1 spawners used less for f top value


Moving to Under Consideration.
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