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Caden Enchants


Essential Information
  • Minecraft Username: prospartanator
  • Realm or Service: Caden,
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    Caden Enchants
  • Description:
    So basically, I have three ideas that could be implemented to boost the Caden player count.

    My first idea is to add semi custom sets to Caden. This is the idea that if you wear full Fabled, Nex, and any other full set of a type of armour, you'd be given a corresponding potion buff of ability. The hope is that new players will actually have a way to defend attacks from the grinding players and they won't just quit right away after grinding for hours. It also gives god set players to put their enchants on certain pieces of collectable armour in hopes of gaining even more abilities. Currently Fabled should be given a speed buff, nex should be given a fire-resistance buff, and I was hoping for the implementation of a third type of armour that would have a small regeneration buff (maybe like the voting armour or prestige or overlord).

    The second idea I had was activatable custom enchants. You could only put one of these enchants on your sword, axe, pickaxe and it would have a cooldown, but once activated it would do some sort of cool ability. Right now, I was thinking of a couple cool activatable enchants.

    1) If you right-click a weapon, it shoots a stream of particles which when it comes in contact with someone shoots them straight into the air.

    2) Right click and hold the weapon and it shoots fire particles that light the dude on fire and does a little damage while pushing them back ever so slightly

    3) Same thing but with snowballs and it gives them nausea and slowness for a bit

    4) Right click with the hoe to give all enemies in a radius of 5 instant hunger as their food bar drops to 3

    5) Just a double damage for the next hit when you right click

    6) Right click your bow to activate levitation which when it hits a target, it makes them suspended in air for a couple of seconds

    7) Right click with the pickaxe, spade, or axe and it spews a fireball that destroys a large chunk of land or can be used to hit a player (basically the fireball is just flying tnt at a dude).

    My last idea is that there could be special custom enchants that must be put on each piece of armour so that it creates an activatable custom armour enchant. Basically same premise as the last idea but with armour and instead of right clicking, it would depend on the enchant. They would, of course, have cooldown metres too.
    Enchant Ideas:
    1) Double Jump - Jump in the air and you can jump again with the space bar
    2) Invisibility - Sneak once and you're fully invisible, nametag, armour, everything but particles for some time
    3) Rage- Sneak and you become engulfed with fire particles that burn surrounding people and a 20% strength boost
    4) Teleportation - Aim at something, sneak for two seconds and you get shot right at it (basically you go insanely fast to the one spot, so it's not really tping but it looks like it)
    5) Shield - As long as you hold sneak, you don't take damage (max like the same time as the rage mode)
  • What would your suggestion improve?:
    I know these are quite a few and would seek to change a lot in terms of pvp mechanics, but it could help bring back the purpose of Caden. After playing a couple of maps, it really is boring and there is almost next to nothing to do on there. Like there's no point once you get a god set because how are you gonna flex it?
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