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Ban Reset & 55% Off Store Sale!

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If only managers can issue blacklists now, what's so special about admins? Apart from knowing a little bit more than a moderator generally would.



Greetings Desterians! With less than 24 hours to go until the launch of Desteria 11.0, are you ready? I'm bringing you a short update post to announce a couple things you can look forward to for this reset!

Ban Reset
Just before 11.0 kicks off, all Desteria punishments have been reset! This clears all active bans and mutes, and also clears the player's history. Both in-game and website punishments have been wiped!

An incredible 500 blacklists were active, and most of which were far too strict. Excluding a select few, all blacklists have also been lifted.

We've also revised the rules on how blacklists are handed out. Now, only Managers can issue blacklist bans. Blacklists should only be given for serious offenses such as releasing personal information or threats, DoS or DDoS attacks, server exploits, and illegal activity.

Take this as an opportunity to start fresh, keep a clean record, and enjoy the 11.0 update along with a few other huge updates planned for the weeks following 11.0 release.

55% Off Store Sale
Desteria's new store has launched! We've given the store a makeover with the new Desteria artwork, and released some new items such as the Chest Sell Wand and new kits! Check out our Server Store.

To celebrate the release of 11.0, we're launching with a limited time discount of 55% OFF of everything on the Desteria Store! Start the new map with a bang! Grab absolutely anything for less than half price! This discount will only be active for a few days, so be quick!
Js idk why u guys say get it quick when we cant even purchase anything XD
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