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August Announcement | F-Top & Monthly Voting Winners, New KB & Anticheat, New Arena Builds, and more

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Greetings Desterians

Welcome to another monthly update post! We’ll be announcing a few things today. Firstly, the premiere calculation of Auren’s F-Top winners has been taken alongside our monthly vote winners! Also, we posted our staff wave yesterday, and a changelog will be coming out later today, so don’t forget to check that out either! Finally, we’ve got some good news regarding all of the recent buzz we’ve heard around the desire for better knockback on our live realms and the demands for an updated anticheat! Let’s jump right into it!

Auren's F-Top Winners
If you don’t remember, you didn’t read our previous announcement posts, we’ve changed the way the F-Top contest is processed! Whereas in the past, the only way to win money was to be the last faction standing at the end of the map, this time around you have opportunities to win gift cards all throughout the map! Every month! These calculations taken below report the winners of the first month of Auren’s lifespan. If you didn’t win this time around, keep working hard at it so you can have a shot at the next one!

First Place: Colossus- Leader: WavyXO - $1,346,113,342.87

  • Won a $100 Store Gift Card! - redeemed
Second Place: Anarchy - Leader: JuiceBox1314 - $823,101,186.14
  • Won a $50 Store Gift Card! - redeemed
Third Place: TR3YWAY - Leader: _Xtreme - $718,028,290.33
  • Won a $25 Store Gift Card! - redeemed

If you see your name, or your leader’s name, on this list; please have them message a Manager as soon as is possible! They’ll be given a store gift card for the above-listed-amount that they’ll be free to use on themselves or their faction mates as they see fit. Congratulations to all winners!

July Top Voters
Next up it’s time to announce the top voters of this last month! If you weren't aware, you can earn rewards from voting! You can find the specifics here. As for last month of June, here are your winners! If you see your IGN on this list, please PM a Manager here on the Forums or Discord to get your gift card.
  • 1st. SepticShock - 93 - redeemed
  • 2nd. Reddonut - 91 - redeemed
  • 2nd. xRevir - 91 - redeemed
  • 2nd. El_Juank - 91 - redeemed
  • 3rd. 16jradford - 89 - redeemed
Congratulations to the users who've won.

Updated Knockback
The time has come! For too long Desteria has been laughed at for it’s PvP meta-game. We’ve decided enough is enough. We’ve thrown our Development Team at working to improve the QoL of our combat system, and a few days back we pushed those changes to the Event Realm for player feedback. With the assistance of the community, we fine-tuned our knockback such that most everyone was happy. We polled the community on the current state of the knockback, and as of the time of this post, the vote was a resounding 30-4 in favor of pushing the changes to the live realms.

That said, today is the day! Later tonight the knockback will be going live onto the main realms alongside tonight’s reboots. Expect to be playing with our new knockback system live on the realms bright and early tomorrow morning. But hey, even then if you’re not satisfied? No worries! Our new plugin is highly customizable. We can continue to tweak the knockback as our playerbase desires. Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their day to come out to Event Realm and help us test the new knockback. It really helped us out. What’s next, you might ask? What a good question! Another long-overdue PvP update.

Anticheat Updates
For months now the community has been demanding that we update our anticheat to be more sensitive to the higher-end hacked clients. The unfortunate reality is that while what we have provides our Moderator Team with useful information, it’s simply insufficient. There is always room for improvement. So - with that in mind - we got to work. The Moderator, Administrator, and Development Teams came together and got a legitimately purchased version of Vape into the hands of one of our lead Developers. He had it cracked and was looking at the code behind it in less than two hours.

In the time since we’ve been using that client, among a set of others, as the guinea pigs to help us fine-tune our anti-cheat on the Dev-Besen realm. The plan is to tune our anticheat in such a way that it has a particular affinity for catching the harder-to-catch clients by tapping into the code that makes them run. This, paired with extensive testing from the Moderator Team, will hopefully allow us to create a highly effective as well as highly accurate new version of our anticheat that prevents the usage of a vast majority of hacked modules, all the while without mistaking genuinely skilled players for hackers. We will continue to work on these updates and begin sorting out with the Moderator Teams our plans regarding how automated punishments will be delivered, and what the appeals process will look like. More information will be coming soon in future announcements, so stay tuned!

Upcoming Build Projects
Quite a few people complain about our arena builds being too restrictive and small along with other issues. This section will address some of those issues and what we’re doing to fix them in the near future. A new Nether KoTH arena has already been released and should be live on all realms. We’re also working on getting a brand new End KoTH being built, as well as updated builds for both Outposts.

Our plan for the KoTH arenas is to expand the combat regions such that it’s a bit more difficult to escape once you’re in combat, and our plan is to reach the same end-goal with our new Outpost builds, through a different methodology. Our intent is to specifically design the terrain surrounding the Outposts to make it unrealistic for you to be able to escape from the arena once you enter it. We hope you’re excited for these changes - we certainly are. Thank you for all your suggestions regarding these maps.

Staff Wave & Changelog Reminder
As a final note, this is just a quick reminder that we’ve already posted our Staff Wave for this month! You can check it out in the ‘Team Updates’ section of the Forums. I’m so excited that our Staff Team is growing, which ultimately gives us a lot more options on where we can place people in the future. Our team is growing, and I’m happy you guys have remained patient with us as we work to fix the overwhelming issue that is only having limited Moderators to deal with Player Reports. With any luck we’ll have new members joining up to that team in the coming weeks/months which, alongside our updates to the anticheat, will allow us to be more effective than ever in preventing hackers from flourishing on Desteria.

Finally - there will be a new changelog coming out later today! It won’t be as huge as some others, but that’s because a majority of our Development resources have been allocated towards working on the knockback and anticheat projects. We’ve put some of our other weekly releases on hold in the interest of pursuing these changes as well. We hope that doesn’t disappoint you, but we figure it’s just as important to maintain existing content as it is to consistently be pushing out new content. We hope you’ll bear with us, we certainly still have ideas in the works for fresh releases in the coming weeks, they just have taken a bit of a back seat to some of the other long-standing issues that need attention as well.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us out along the way, whether it’s reporting bugs or offering our Content Team suggestions on how to improve the realms. Your participation and ideas are always welcome and we hope to continue implementing all your wonderful ideas so we can keep growing as a server and a community. Your support means a lot so I just wanted to make a little section to speak about it since we sometimes tend to get so busy that we forget to recognize everyone who makes this possible.

Thank you for continuing to choose Desteria as your community of choice,

Omega || Management Team
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The ip will finally make sense with the new knockback, great updates all around!


Reread the first paragraph. Notice anything?
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Good ****, finally staff be putting in that work.
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Hmm, well written
Wanna play towny with me
Now all we need left is better potting and log off villagers and we are good to go
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New anticheat you say ;)
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Wanna play towny with me

aye go colossus!
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The ip will finally make sense with the new knockback, great updates all around!
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Fixed. >.<
Wanna play towny with me
Wanna play towny with me
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